AHHH! i realized so much today... like, how stupid i've been all this time just drooling all over one person not worth crying over... :D WHEW! well...i must say he's such a great guy...but for now, i guess i'll just have to let go.i know that there is someone out there..someone who'd not compare me with any other gurl..someone who'd like me just the way i am...JUST THE WAY I AM. :) yea, he is out there somewhere... in his BMW... kidding...!!!! no, he's just there...probably thinking about me,too..wondering when he's gonna be meeting me... but IF ja is the one...then... he's the one...but for now, i'm living my life the way i want it...and if it's possible, then i'd get into another relationship. if i find the right one. my advice is, take things slowly...:) but live it up to the fullest! :) i guess i just don't need anyone right now. what i need is myself. i guess i've just spend so much time thinking about US, but lost tym for myself. and the worst thing is,,lately i find it hard to find what i want to shop...SEE? i don't even know what i like anymore! but it's okay..i got things figured out pretty much. :)