since last night i have been figuring how i'm going to start my day... i didn't know it since this morning...i started it with crying... i was like this stupid lunatic... i clearly remember the sweet lines Ja and I have said to each other... this morning i was saying them all to myself... we were looking at this huge mirror, and he was hugging me, while we were both staring at ourselves, i asked..."Ja, do you promise you could wait for me?" and he said "yes..." and i asked, "how long?" and he said..."maybe..5, 10 years?" ... and then we kissed... one of the million reasons why it's just so hard to let him because we just had a beautiful relationship...ja had never raised his voice on me,he would apologize even when it's my fault, and he has just shown so much make me make "US" work...the words we said to each other just made me think...that it would last.that he was sure.and that made me strong. that made me not think of myself anymore...and i'd always say to myself that he would be worth the wait.even if he dumped me in the first place, he had his reasons...but then...when he said "i'm all over it, bie..." , "i'm sorry..." i felt like the whole world fell on i cursed? or am i just not enough?