WHEW!!! i took a bath twice before getting into bed... spent the whole day cleaning the room...uhh..not actually the whole day, 'cuz i slept at 5 am, woke up at 8 am, went back to sleep, and got up at 2 pm, and started cleaning at about 4,5 pm... cool... i really feel like a vampire now...

oh, and ALLY got promoted, as Richard's partner! :D cool! and would you imagine, Bon Jovi as Ally's plumber? hehe... i just love that show...but nothing could just beat that kissing scene Clark and Lana made...how i wish i was LANA!

well...I AM LANA!! ;p Clark is MINNNEEE! and I AM LANA! ;p

you guys should download THE BUM BUM SONG by Tom Green...hehe..LOVE IT! hehehe....Eminem got the idea of wearing that costume with his "bum" flashing in Tom Green's video... in case you guys didn't know... :)

it's 1 a.m. and i still don't wanna go to sleep...well, i might as well do what i usually do when i can't really sleep...i light up my candle, play on some soft music...(freestyle is the best..or some classical stuff...or enya...) then think, think, think of the happy things that's happened in your life... and i'm just blessed to have so many, at this point of my life, knowing i'm just 16... i have so much to tell, and so much learned...wish i could share it with you...

well i can't sleep yet, 'cuz my hair's all wet... but..i'm bidding goodnyt... NYT!!!! :)