Being an Aquarius Rising, makes you original, creative, and independent. In your continued efforts to make your own unique contribution to this world, you are likely to become an artist, an inventor, or a scientist. You look beyond the world into a universe without the usual borders of time and space, and are passionate about discovering new horizons, and different ways of life. You are a true adventurer, Lia, fearless and self-sufficient.

Intuitive and spontaneous, you approach life without prejudice, Lia. This leaves you open to the normal criticisms of the Aquarian personality, of being erratic, eccentric, scattered or unrealistic. But these problems may only rest with the observer, and not with you. You need freedom, and should not be restrained by rules and restrictions of thought or behavior.

Your dream is to improve the environment to make life better for mankind. Sometimes you come up with brilliant ideas or revolutionary technological discoveries, because you just dare to think out of the box.

Since you are an Aquarius Rising, Lia, you are on a solitary spiritual quest, and tend to detach yourself from human passion, in order to reach the summits of intellectual thought. However, you find your source of power in group activities, and within a close circle of friends. It is possible that you sacrifice your love live in order to be able to be free enough to pursue your ideals. This kind of force of character makes you a very magnetic person because we often like the people that resist our love.

Most of the time you are a fun-loving and friendly individual, even though you can be extremely moody, cynical, and antisocial. Your eternal search for an idealistic life comes before other people's feelings.