Good luck ta us tomorrow. We’re gonna be shifting. Finally. God help us. And we are gonna be meeting Lance. Yey!... Miss him. :D

...the three bratz went ta Glorietta yesterday. Aldrich is there again wit Zubair today.. Ugh. i wanna badly. but then i can't go there until i have all the money i've saved in hand. fine, i could wait. i'd rather sacrifice me not going to my second home for a while. (a while? that's 'til next year!)... yeah, you might think i'm exaggerating and all, but when i step into that mall, there's no stopping me. and i mean it. that's how i am. hehe. so i'd rahter not.

Oh, and to Mr.AIMAN DIZA..Moi, you're a rag addict too, eh?... Gosh, you and Lance SHOULD meet. i bet you're gonna get along really well, especially wit playing...Final Fantasy...and all that. jeez. good thing you're not into Counter... oh, and if you are... Hand me a gun. i'm gonna shoot myself. Kidding. Miss you, moi... :D Moi, don't worry about saving... you're gonna be a millionaire soon. wit that kind of talent? ... gosh. ;p well, unless you wanna walk out of the mall wit tons of shopping bags in hand, then i'm gonna tell you to start saving right NOW. hyuk!... enjoy playing moi... uhm...i'll try playing rag...whenever. :D

Bryan texted, asked how everything's goin...he din't even say "It's Brian"... he jus said... C2. hehe. i call him C2. he's crazy #2. Guess who's number 1. ANA! MOI! hehe. i miss everyone in Kuwait.

and my friend Adnan texted and called me. from Jeddah. got my smart number from Nica.all of my friends are in the damn school! and i'm here...but yeah. cool. i miss him. this guy used to court me, but then i didn't really turn him down, just that... well, it all started when this guy "yeye" asked his help to court me...later on, Adnan started courting. gave me all these flowers and all these chocolates... we ended up being REALLY CLOSE FRIENDS. he's my kuya. :D and he used to stay wit me in school 'til 6 P.M., esp when Ja couldn't stay wit me. aww...miss those days.

You know what i miss about having a boyfriend? I remember this one time when Ja and I were the only ones left in my classroom, and i wasn't feeling really well,i just hugged him REAL tight. Kissed me on the temple...and i remember feeling really good after that. and when i feel really down about something, expect his shoulder to be there...and expect someone kissing my hand, telling me everything's gonna be fine. and i'm like... darn. that's all i need. and i used to think...Ja is all i need. God, i do miss Ja a lot. miss hanging out wit him..

anyways... gotta get some sleep.

i love you guys. wish you luck!..

--+> xoxo Lia*


ta all the dormers... the sight of all those clothes hanging out of your dorms will shock you...

haha! i couldn't help but wonder... who's staying in my room?... *bites nails* pray it's not some pig. when i get back to the dorms, i'ma clean the bathroom REALLY well. and pag-pag my mattresses and... okay...i'm exaggerating. :D