Watched the season finale of Dawson's Creek. Ugh. what a tearjerker. Jen died? i'm like... WHAT THE - Jen had a baby AND died?... Gosh... the episode is like...beautiful AND tragic at the same time. but oh well... things like those happen in real life anyways... Joey and Pacey finally got together. Joey said something that hit me. i don't know if i should say it, but... Pacey said ... "you're off the hook"... and he explained further, and as far as i remember this is what he said...that he loves Joey, but then he always thought that there wus never "the right time" for both of them...but then he has always loved her, and he thinks it's better for Joey to be loved by Dawson, or any guy that would feel just the same way as Joey makes him (Pacey) feel.. "so, you're off the hook!.." ... and Joey replied wit..."for the record, i don't wanna be off the hook. Pacey, I love you. I always have."... and she explained how "REAL" it always felt, and how scared she wus,so she just kept running away..."and if you let me off the hook, that's just gonna keep me running away..."... COOL... haha. No comment.

Today i went to school..took me 5 rides before i got to school. UGH. don't ask. anyways... just as we were about to talk to to Ms. Mahsa Sigari (yes,... THE Ms. Sigari..), we were told that uhm, she probably wusn the one in charge of the "evaluation"... thanks to this guy Lloyd* (*tell you more about him later)... who lead us to Mr. Harold Palad, who interviewed us... to me he was really challenging. Challenging in a good way. So, he asked me these questions... haha. i felt like... shaking. that was a coreshaking moment!... hyuk...

Anyways, yes...about this guy... so he helped us... I'm thankful for that. but then, we were walking on our way ta square to see Ed before we leave...

*beep beep*... we turned ta see Lloyd in his car, asking us ta "jump in"... i hesitated...then i'm like..."No, we're okay..." but he made this sad face... so Len wus like.."sige na nga!.." so we rode...i wusn really comfortable wit... those. anyways, so we were dropped near A's. thanked him for the ride and all that. after we got Ed out of the stall, we asked him to walk us to Gate 1. Saw Lloyd again.

.."Uwi na kayo?.." i nodded.he smiled and drove away. when i got to Pala-Pala, i checked my phone. "boyfriend mo? baka kc may magalit e..."... i just said something like... "it's like, we're together but we're not..." ... i just made something up. i'm sick of these guys tripping... i dunno. i'm flattered, but i'm sick of it. don't get me wrong, okay? ... but yeah. the way i look at it... how i feel about it... i'm just SO ... sick of it. i don't even know who's serious, and who's playing... of course, i DO KNOW a few people who are at least SERIOUS being friends wit me. but then i don't, really. it's just good to take time getting to know each and everyone... who's capable of taking care of me... i mean, really...really, take care of me... i'ma the start of the relationship, i want the guy to "take care of me"... i'm going through a lot. you have NO idea.

Oh, it's SATC. :D... i just COULD NOT believe Samantha broke up wit Richard!... jeez.

there are some things worth gambling on.