8:50 P.M.

“Hey! Nkrtng n rn kmi, higa ako kagad… *Phew!* kkpgod..! slip n ako, dnt tek 2 long h, :) gud nyt abbie!”

8:57 P.M.

“Opo.Yey! Nanjan ka na! Lalang.. :) t2pucn k nlng ‘to, tpos eat n ko, tpos ligo, tpos net saglit tpos 2log na! :) ..Una k n s dreamland.kta nlng tau ltr..Gudnyt!Mwwaah! :)”

And now it’s 12:30 A.M. Cool. Said I wus gonna sleep as early as possible since I have to be at the school by 9 A.M. to enroll. Then I gotta get back home afterwards, then I’ll be moving in by late afternoon. I wus staring at all of my stuff wondering if they were all gonna fit in the SUV.

I kept thinking about last night. How FUN it wus. :D

What if we all could meet in our dreams? What if this “dreamland” really existed. Haha! I’d be more than 3 hours late. Poor Kay. Waiting there as I told him I’d be getting ta bed as early as possible.

Oh, and I did forget some details. Alan is a real nice guy ta hang out wit. He had more than 3 Don Mariner’s. :D I didn’t really like the taste, but it wus GEUUHD. I think Don Mariner wus also responsible for Alan singing his very own version of “Bakit ngayon ka lang”… “ Baykit ngey-own ka layng, dumatiyng sa buhey kow, pilit binowbuksen ang sereydo kow nang pentow…” Man, is this really ALAN? He keeps cracking all these jokes. Gosh. He even sang it to his mum on the phone. HAHA! … cool guy. There wus this time he and Ben were arguing over something, and Alan almost hit me on the face. Drich wus standing next ta the bathroom door, then he and Ben pulled me behind them and they were just looking at Alan and smiling at him. Hyuk! He wus drunk, too.

I don’t know if I’d still have the energy by tomorrow. Fixing all my stuff in the dorm and arranging my binder. I got nu pix, but I wanna have the pictures taken last night developed.

Gosh. Now it’s 12:50. I hafta go get some sleep. Gotta wake up by 7 A.M.

Oh, cool… there’s this song on MTV. I believe in a thing called love. Then I remember. One of those chats Ja and I had. He wus jealous over some guy. Cus this guy actually hugs me, or puts his arms around me even when Ja’s around, so I’m like…Uhh…Ohkay…My boyfriend’s RYT there… hehe.. and Ja would just NOD. I told Ja… “Ja! I’m yours…ALL YOURS..” ( Go Sarah Deever! :D ) and he replied wit a smiley…then “sang” … Do you believe in me… I’m yours, you’re mine… :D oh gosh. Sometimes I like the feeling of someone saying…” Abbie’s mine na eh…” but sometimes…I just don’t like the idea of someone saying… I’m his property or something… but when said in a sweet way, I like that. :D lalang. It’s just good to belong to someone.

Okay, Okay, I’m sleeping already… hehe… BONJOUR! Hyuk. It’s 1:06 A.M.. obviously, I should be saying G’morning, ryt? :D

Sweet Dreams ta me…

ZZzzZZ… maybe I’d lie awake for a few moments after praying.

“When am I gonna find…feel BLISS?” … God knows.