We're at Cyber having our 30-minute break from Comm theory. hehe. KEWL! We get ta surf at Cyber. Erm...their keyboards are really...(how shud i say this?...) - STIFF? HYUK.

but yea. Jay texted me and said it would be safer if I surfed here.

Basil, Karl, Kelvin, Kevin, Jay, Brian, Kyle and dem are just playing Counter on the opposite side of where Len and I are at.

Check out Andrew's pic at Friendster! ANDREW KAY BAUTISTA! Put something a lil bit more....conservative. hyuk. WORD!

Poor Ed. His car isn't "working"... tsk tsk...

Shux. How long have we been here? Is it 30 minutes already? Guess I gotta get back... :) Don't wanna miss out on anything... Intro to Comm is a major subject... :) but first gotta edit some stuff in my profiles. Right after I add Joam.

Have a nice weekend everyone... :)