Just got home from Greenhills. I wus looking for Abercrombie and Fitch but I didn’t see one. Darn it.

I wus looking at that previous post and I noticed. This year has been hard on me. I mean, I know I should try and focus on the good things that happened, like my Mom coming home and all that. But, it’s more of the drama. If I were ta put it in one word, the year 2003 has brought me a lot of : DRAMA.

But then, let’s see… I gained a LOT of friends. My former foes are now my friends. How cool is that? :D and I also got closer to the tropa. Thanks ta Ben, who got me in…

Oh, about the new phone? I just made a miracle. GUYS… my folks are getting me a new phone! YAY! :D I won’t tell what model I’ma be getting but… it’s gonna be my new…baby. :D word…I pray my folks won’t back out… ;p

Andrew has a blog! Uhm, it’s a good start… read his post, it’s obviously Andrew’s. hey, I didn’t mean anything… :D WORD! :D *peace*…

Ohkay…so the little brats are bragging me about playing MARIOKART on the freakin’ Game Cube… I guess I’m gonna go join them…

EHEM… ta Karl, Zubair, Brian and Kelvin…PUHLEASE don’t forget ta bring some AL BAIK home. (don’t forget the garlic sauce) and ta Aldrich, don’t forget ta get me….erm, anything you could. Hehehehe….

Oh, and… NEW ME? I’m thinking of going BOHO and VINTAGE this year. I’m starting on getting vintage earrings. Does anyone know where all the good thrift stores are? I wanna get vintage shirts. Oh, and I want a baseball cap! A pink baseball cap…AND…this year I promise myself I’m gonna get more low-rise,hip hugging jeans. :D and more pointy shoes… (okay, this isn’t going anywhere near VINTAGE. :D I guess I’ll just hafta work on that. :D )