Haha! Thanks Leah, for helping me come up wit that title. :D Drichy is convincing me ta wear it on the 20th, because we’ll both be representing GUAM. (Whoa! He said I could be GUAM MATERIAL. WORD! ) But I don’t know…I’m not sure if I should show off that much skin, and besides, hindi pantay yung skin tone ko! :D Yesterday we slept at 5 A.M. watching American Pie (1 and 2). And yesterday wasn’t much of a good day for me. It was the day from hell.


…”ang sarap mambatok!” … The words that my prof in Comm Theory blurted out after I gave him my reason on why I wasn’t able to do my research. I did not feel like crying but I felt like kicking his balls. How dare he say something like that to a student? I mean, I know he has every right to get mad but he has NO…definitely NO rights of cussing a student. I know I did make a mistake but he shouldn’t have said those. He did apologize, but after he did :

*Mr. E looks at Abbie and asks*

MR. E : Ms. Almasco, do you know your assigned topic?

ABBIE: No, sir. My groupmates and I have not discussed about who’s reporting what.

MR. E. : You have the syllabus, right Ms. Almasco?

ABBIE : Yes sir, I do.

MR. E : Hindi ka naman bulag para hindi mo makita yung mga nakasulat na topics diyan diba?

ABBIE : *really really REALLY pissed* NO SIR, I’M NOT.

I felt like saying more. I felt like doing more. This time I felt like standing up, kicking his balls and breaking his nose.

On our 30-minute break I had the urge of seeing Ed and vent out. Because when things like these happen, I can see that he feels my pain. It’s like when I talk to him, there’s nothing else on his mind but me, my problem, and how to help me. It makes me feel like I have someone on my side. ( I’m not trying to say my friends have not done or made me feel like this, but at this point I needed Ed. I know you understand what I mean. ) Unfortunately, he was still on his way, but I’m thankful for ate Kai because I told her about it and she listened. She also told me something about experiencing something similar back in high school. I left the canteen wit a smile on my face but then just as I went past the SBC the smile turned upside down. I was going back to class. The 30 minute break was over. I texted Ed. THANKFULLY, after class, which was about past 3, I found Ed and a friend of his sitting on the sidewalk in front of the dorm’s guard house. “Finally..” I thought to myself. We were talking and Andrew showed up. Another sign of relief. Then a few minutes later I head to my dorm and they head to Ed’s starex.

THE INNER DIVA…it’s in me - somewhere…

I turned the T.V. on, tuned in to MTV waiting for I PROMISE to play. I dressed up, wore that Nike cap Zee gave me the night before, fixed my stuff, then I sat on the bed chewing on Whammo’s and watching Britney Spears doing “surprise” performances on New York clubs. Suddenly, I took my voice recorder out and started singing. (I remember this one time, when I couldn’t sleep, and I was alone at the dorm, I recorded and voice, I sang STAY, SWAY, ‘TIL THEY TAKE MY HEART AWAY. I rewinded the tape afterwards, and listened to them ‘til I fell asleep. Weird, eh? Well I didn’t have anyone singing for me, so I decided to just…sing for myself! It worked anyway! :D ).

My aunt came with my uncle’s cousin, Tito Mark. We were told by the “traffic enforcers” that we should pass by Villa Isabel, yada yada. They were like “we don’t know the freakin’ way around here…” we passed by Villa Isabel anyways. And guess what – we passed by F1. Where Ed works out. I saw his Starex parked there so I told Tito Mark we could stop and ask him for directions. So I got down from the car and ran to the door, and asked for him. Andrew was sitting on the stairway, while Ed was in front of him, workin out. They both had this weird look on their face when they saw me. :D Whew. Thanks to all the people who gave us directions. :D

We went home, dropped my stuff, got my swimsuit, then we went ta Festi, then ATC, and finally got to Los Banos.


It’s 2 A.M. and here I am in front of my lappie and at the same time, scratching this bite on my elbow. My aunt’s sister has this place in Los Banos and they have a private pool. As soon as we got here I took out the swimsuit from my bag and ran to the bathroom and changed. In less than 5 minutes I was in the pool. :D of course, it’s the usual thing. Me and my cousins are like this pack of hyenas. Thanks to the “float” I actually got to stargaze while I was at the pool. :D

A few hours later, Chi and I decided to SING. Yes, sing. Hah! We have this Karaoke machine… I sang…let’s see..HANGGANG NGAYON, ‘TIL THEY TAKE MY HEART AWAY, INTIMACY, TOO MANY WALLS, LOVING YOU, ‘TIL MY HEARTACHES END…I got 97-98. :D

Ugh. I can’t hold out any longer. I’ll post this when we get home later. For now, I’ll hafta rest my poor peepers. :)