It sure is one of my favorite songs nowadays. It's one of those songs I play in the laptop REAL loud whenever I'm in the shower.

Actually we're sleeping out tonight. God help us. *tee hee* ...

This is one weird day... but I'm happier with things this way... I HAVE TO BE!

Anyways..this I can't really say anything but... what?

Let's drink to this? hehehehehe.... Actually I already did. Last night. Kewl I drank by myself. They were calling me CHERRY ABBIE. Cus I turned red again... I didn't even know what I was doing... (HELLO? It's what happens when you're drunk right?).... oh whatever... but it felt good cus it made me sleep well...it did! :D I didn't have to go through all that thinking. WORD.

Can things just remain this way? I'll be reallu happy....Please, God... let them just be this way...