It's what everyone has been saying about the relationship. Yes guys, you heard it right. RELATIONSHIP. I'm in one now. AGAIN, Yes guys, you heard it right.

Friday night, I was okay wit things. I was convinced that things were going the way they should. We were laughing. Like friends do. We were talking. Like friends do. We were practically acting NORMALLY.

I had accepted that things were over. But not totally. Like I said, I knew it was okay this way cus we had more time to get to know each other...(less ilangan )...

But then it all changed when I rode that bike.

Thank God...Ed...Leah... all the people who told me to "fight". One of them was Lance.

We're just taking things slowly right now...

Today I've been affected wit the way people have been reacting but then... anyways...what matters is that...FINALLY. :D

I love the guy. If you don't like him, I guess I can't do anything about it. :D One way or another...people could be like... WHY THEM? ... hah... the hell I care... basta! We love each other and that's it. It's what matters. :D