Abbie Alodia Alducente Almasco

Production date: September 2003

Expiry date: January 2004

3x a day, 6x a day?Drink anytime you want. But stop when you get sick of it.

Side effects: Lazyness,you start to lose interest, can also turn you into a complete ass. It is also capable of making you forget your name. And the things you went through. It can also make you feel angry and numb most of the time.

Cool right? but come to think of it. Maybe we all are just some sort of medicine to people.

And they expire. Or they just never work.

Oh, and the title? I felt like it. It's true. It's what I feel towards...

I never thought I'd feel this pain again. From someone I did not to expect to hurt me. I knew it. I just knew it. It's never been easy trusting someone. That's also why it ended up like this in the first place. But he was supposed to understand. It's not that easy letting go of people.

And now he's someone else's arms. Someone I did not even think of...

God help me.