AAHHH!!! ... OHWELL... I remember getting this threat from Mommy Odeng..."Abbie, isa ka nalang..."... hhmm...that could mean, Isa nalang may first major offense ka na...or..isa nalang talsik ka na dito!!! .. :S

FUDGE DARN IT! Why the hell can't I get a car and dorm out? OOF! ... it would be easier for me... i think. On my side. WHAT? Curfew is like 9 PM?... UGH, i do love my friends dorming in... can't live not hearing the boys shouting... like EVERY single night like crazy. And of course that includes Mr. Anthony Dulce screaming ABBIE (real loud) to call me over the boy's gate to chat and all that. Haha. Most people think we all should get a life here in Dasma. YEARIGHT.

There's one particular person who studies in Manila, who told me in a very indirect manner that I SHOULD GET A LIFE.

Caloi was right about studying in Cavite. You are a lot more in control of your life. ... Hey, speaking of MR. CARLOS MIGUEL LOCSIN....he was the one who said we should keep in touch...but then I'm like, HELOU? CURLY? and i don't get a reply... hmp!I'm tampo na... :S CALOI! if you ever get to read this...pag nagkita tayo? Let's go get some Ice Monsters and Mojos. Ikaw taya, and you're forgiven. ;p ... lagot ka sakin!!!! HAHAHAHA! :D kita nalang tau G4 or greenbelt sa summer... ;p

anyways... guys...please pray for me! I need yer support on this. Please pray that it's my 2nd...and that I'd do well on FRIDAY. please be there.... 4 P.M. , LAKE PARK... :D :D :D :D :D

OH,, HAPPY MONTHSARY, BABY!!! :D i love you i love you i love you! Let's go bike yellow... :D mumwah!!! :D

that's all.... heheh... God help me.