I swear, last night ROCKED! :D I dunno...I just felt like it. I mean, I know...I didn't really project well (that I admit...I could've done better...) but...I've just never felt so confident my whole life...I was watching the first batch rehearse and I felt so...nervous and scared. My biggest fear? Criticism. But as I got up on that stage ( the funny thing is before "we" came out, we were like..."SHIT! I FORGOT THE SEQUENCING!... where do we walk first?" yada yada... and then right before Ate Mich said "GO!"...My brain worked. Whew!:D )

I know each candidate was expecting something. But the thing about me is that I did not expect too much. I just hada great time. I enjoyed EVERY moment. Even rehearsing was fun. I loved my "batchmates", they were all nice. I didn't feel like I was competing, I just felt like we were all there to kick ass. :D

John, Shane, Ate Mich and Howard were really nice ta us. And backstage,Ate Shane goes... "ABBIE, NEXT YEAR ULIT!"... haha! I'm like..."HELL YEAH!!!"

My Dad says it's a good exposure...which is true. :D I mean, even if I didn't win, but being there...on's what I love doing....and I'm happy with that. :D

One more thing is the people there with me backstage. Kaye, Upper, George and Leah. And thanks to KAYE who made the NATZ who was my make-up artist... to LEAH and GEORGE who took shots of me on stage... and UPPER...for just being there...and telling me what to do... for cheering... :D

The night couldn't get any better. After the program, George was like,"Abbie, I'm so proud of you!"... I was touched.Even Upper, Leah and Kaye went like... "ANG GALING!!!:D " hehehe...

On the way back to the dorms I saw Baby... :D

And then as I got back to the stall, no matter how weird I looked, no one mocked me! (except for Brian... :D which is a good thing cus my day is never complete without a mock.) and then there's ED. who gave me a hug. and showed me that he - was proud of me,too. seeing those guys there? SHEEZ. I had a perfect day.

In addition to that, we watched the video at the e-house.Then Upper and Camille played jokes on me.... I was laughing like hell that I laid down on the floor. (and i was tired since i ran in my heels. they had plans of locking me out of the dorm... :D)

OTEI! I'm late for class... :) :) :)

Lastly, I wanna thank God because he let me experience all this. :)