I dunno. Maybe I'm just paranoid...but I really noticed a close friend of mine started going cold on me. They told me that it's normal...and that friends don't really have to talk to you everyday.I don't know. I have a different feeling about this one. I mean, he's a really good friend of mine. He's one of the people who never left my side when I went through all the shit... And he never got fed up of saying the same thing over and over to me... And then the mocking. It's there everyday. And I have gotten used to it. Like my day is never complete without a single mock. I've been texting him asking if something's wrong, if there was something that I did, but he says there's nothing wrong, and that it doesn't matter. But things still aren't back to normal. What's wrong? What did I do this time? ... The thing about me is that if I get REALLY attached to a certain person it would be SO HARD for me to let go. And this isn't JUST A FRIEND, this is someone I really care for. Someone who showed me how much he cares for his friends. I'm starting to miss him...

Don't take this the wrong way, but...I really do consider him as one of my closest guyfriends, even if it hasn't been a year since we met. and he thinks I don't care.


Anyways, I'm really thankful for Eric,Eyah and George... for asking me to join this... :D SECRET! I'm not sure of it yet so I won't announce it first. :D But if ever I do, please pray for me... :D

Okay, so far i'm doing okay in academics, but I know I can do better... GOD HELP ME.

My Baby and I are doing FINE :D like i said, we're taking things slowly.... which is good. :D I just love that guy... *sigh* *glares*..

Ed, well... I'm trying not to think that "these are the days of our lives"... (y'know what I mean...) but I am still making that...surprise for him. I hope he likes it. Shit, I surely am gonna miss that guy. I don't know how to deal wit things without him. Ed has become my wall, my bestfriend, my big brother... (i know this might sound really exaggerating but it's true...)... I treasure people like Ed. Ugh. these words are not enuf... Ed, man...if you ever get to read this, I LOVE YOU, MAN!.. :'(

Otei...so I don't have anything left ta say...

Jay, thanks man... :D