Before I see him again.. and after that it’s gonna be 11 SUPER long days. Gawd, 9 days already felt like a month.

I’m praying for my grades! I computed my GPA and it only reached 2.20,( I NEED A 2.50! DAMMIT!!!) but World Litt wusn included yet since I would be able to get it today. But even if World litt was…UGH.

I’m happy for George! He passed World litt. I know exactly how it feels. Congrats, George.

But I was disappointed. These weren’t the grades I was expecting. I did pretty well this sem. I shouldn’t get a 1.75 in ART APP! Since I got a 1.25 for my prelims, 2.00 for my midterms and 4.00 for my finals! Rose ( Mommy Odeng’s daughter) told me that sir just gave us half of what our grade really is since Com3-1 did not submit a documentation…(I think that was of the play we did for finals.)… I got a 1.25 in my Commtheory is good enough for me. I’ll surely miss Sir Espejo. He’s so direct and vocal. But thanks, Sir, you did a good job in teaching us. And thanks for the compliments you gave me after watching that hideous tape. (the one where I was part of the sportsfest…) :D

Here’s what shocked me the most : a 1.25. IN REED! HAHAHA! Funny,right? I mean, my prof treats REED like a MAJOR SUBJECT! WTF? He’s SOOOOO strict and shit… I cannot believe I got a 1.25 in REED. Hey I know, REED is an important subject since it’s about God and Religion, but…my prof is making a really big deal about the rules. It’s all about the rules…gosh. But ohwell. I just pray he won’t be my prof next sem.

Ed was so sweet kanina! he kept hugging me and Baby…hehe. I could tell, that guy missed us a lot. :D well I miss him, too. And I miss him again. :(

Zee kept messing up my hair. Haha! I told you it helps in hair build-up. My hair looked like it was teased. We nearly had another COLD moment. Thank God we didn’t. Please, don’t Zee. I hate it when we don’t mind each other! Ugh. Hey I’m playing “Talk shows on mute” :) Hey, where’d you go Zee? I was looking for you but you…disappeared. Hhmm…Oh, and…you’re a really smart guy…(I bet you know that already…) wish I could be like you. Keep it up, Zee. :D

Baby? Baby looked SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! haha. Especially that part when he was about to leave, and his friends keep calling him…hehe. Looked like he din’t want to go!!! That was the first time I saw Andrew acting like he missed me a lot, and is gonna miss me again. Aww…Baby… kung ganyan ka lang tlga ka-expressive? GRABE!!! hehe. *kilig*…but…I still love Baby for the person that he is… :D I LOVE YOU, BABY!!! Hehe…

Lance…Lance,Lance,Lance… :D haha. kulit mo kanina, Lance… Hey, you’re definitely lending me that MAROON 5 CD! ( JOHARI! Hah! I got it first!!! ;p ;p ;p )

Len…gosh, girl….thanks a LOT! For always offering to get me my classcard…sweet mo naman, Lenny… pati pinauna mo’ko kanina na pumunta sa stall… Thanks for understanding that I really had to go because I MISSED ANDREW a LOT! Hehehe… thanks Len…thanks for being so good to me. Sana ganyan ka na… mmwwaahhh! Love you, girl… :D

Oh, and to make things clear…I AM over my ex. That’s it. and I love Andrew SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! :D

Caloi? Hoy Lalake! :D … I’ll see you probably on the 31st. :D Let’s watch a movie! Your treat! I miss the CONYO air that I could feel only when you’re around. Haha! :D see you Curly.


Enjoy your summer, guys. Ooh! I need ta get a new swimsuit! Tell me guys: WHITE or BLACK? Help me!!! :D