Not that I’m trying to control someone else’s life. It’s my life I’m in control of. For a night, that is. As usual, we sleep out at Friday nights, stay at Ed’s. This time, as I got there at around 3 when Upper dropped me, instead of lying in bed watching Smallville, I got the scrapbook I made for Ed and started finishing it. (Good thing he didn’t notice, he was behind me while I was doing it. Hehe.) Afterwards, I went to the dining table, took out all my Communication Theory notes and made a reviewer, just so my memory could again recall the freakin’ lessons since prelims. When Andrew came, I wanted to go to Walter but it looked like he was tired so I didn’t let him come wit me. I got some stuff and went back to the dorm, ate my food… and then… Jay came wit Karl, he was bringing his videocam. And I had mine, too. Lucky me, he had an extra tape wit him, so I got to record, too. Jeez, that was one weird night. I don’t wanna tell all the details. Ugh. Save it for Halloween or something. At around 10, we all decided to go to Hubsite. I had to do my project. Andrew, Jay and I were in Hubsite while Zee, Karl, Basil, Brian, Kyle and Kelvin were at Hubcafe. Drinking. Karl would go in Hubsite and interrupt me by typing things like “ B is cute. A is cuter. K is the cutest. D is the cutestest. “ haha. Then Zee comes in and he messes up my hair. But at least he helped me wit the grammar. Howard was there, too. And Mei.

Andrew went out ahead of me. When I was done, I found him drinking beer wit the rest. Shit. I hate seeing baby drunk. I just hate it. I tried stopping him but he and the others didn’t wanna let me. Fine. Eventually, just like any other guy who isn’t used ta drinking, baby…yep, you guessed it. I thought it was funny. :D Andrew acts so weird when he’s drunk. So zee helped me get him back to the dorm, and as we got back there, Zee gave him my bottle of mineral water then he went back ta Hubcafe. Ed was asleep. Okay. I had to make him go take a shower. Uhh… okay. So I’m like, “Baby, are you okay?”…no reply. I told him he had to take a shower. He started untying his shoelaces. I helped him. Actually I took his shoes off. :D I thought it was cute! Haha. Like I’m a nurse or something. Too bad I didn’t wear that Pink Esprit dress. When I wore it they called me Nurse Abbie. Hehehe. And guess what? Baby was singing in the shower! HAHA! :D I couldn’t stop laughing. I wanted to record it on video but I’m not that mean.

I thought I was in control cus I drank, too. But those were one of the times I knew what my responsibilities were. And besides, I guess I’m pretty much used to it. Not that I drink on a regular basis, but… you know what I mean.

But then I wasn’t able to sleep well.

I’m thinking about March 29. I’m nervous. God, I just pray my grades turn out good.

I miss Ed. I miss Baby. I miss Karl. I miss Zee. I miss Upper. I miss Camille. I miss Jay. I miss Kelvin. I miss Brian. I miss Eli. I miss George. I miss Leah. I miss Len. I miss the stall. I miss the dorm. I miss my bed. I miss Ed’s dorm. I miss Ed’s starex. (tee hee) I miss my life.

Oh, and I took Andrew ta ATC last Thursday. Got a frapp and watched 50 first dates. :D Good thing he enjoyed. We din’t get to roam that much, though. But it was okay. It’s fun being wit Baby. :D I wanna go out wit him again. :)

Mya? Mya, I miss you girl. I really appreciate what you blogged about me. Thanks. Reading that made me feel really important. Not that I never did, but you know, now that we’re far from each other. *sigh*. Magkikita kami ni Curly sa summer. Meet you in g4 or greenbelt. Text Ayah. Hehe. :D