We’ll be turning 2 months on Wednesday. It seems like we’ve been together for a long time. I was just reminiscing about how we got together and how everything started. *kilig* :D

The first time I saw him, was at the dorm’s acquaintance party. He was auctioned for…400, 500 bucks I think? But he didn’t really catch my attention ‘cause I didn’t get ta see him that much, and besides I was into someone else that time.Then there was this one time I was waiting for someone in front of the boy’s dorm, I was sitting there, texting someone when all of a sudden, he and Mark appeared, on their way to the boy’s dorm. I acted normal and all that, I said HI, but then I was really busy doing something, so they both went in… and I saw him more often around school, and we’d say HI… eventually I had a crush on him. *tee hee* :D … Mark formally introduced us on September 24. We walked to the rotonda, and spent like, an hour there. When we walked back to the e-house, it was freaky. You could just see the reaction on their faces. The “what-the-hell-is-SHE-doing-with-Andrew?” look. Weird. And then a few days later, we’d see each other more often at the square canteen, and there was this one Wednesday where we (Me, Len and Andrew) spent time at Ed’s old dorm. We watched a movie ‘til late afternoon, then he had to go. Ed took care of EHEM some stuff…he asked Andrew questions and all… :D …most of the time we spent together at the stall… he would bring me ta class, too. I remember this one time. Exam week, I had an exam at 8, and when I logged out, I saw him there. I asked him what he was doing there, he said he was taking me ta class! And when I asked him what time his exams were, he said, “10…” … *faints*…haha! That’s what I call “effort”. ;p we would look at the stars, talk at the e-house ‘til curfew…and text a LOT. :D

But then things started getting weirder and complicated for me. That “fork” incident. And I wasn’t really ready for anything yet, but something’s telling me I HAD TO decide. But I was so lost. I didn’t know what to do. But the truth was that I liked him, but didn’t want anyone to get hurt. But he was giving up. And I didn’t want him to. Cause it felt wrong. So I had to go against my will of not deciding yet. I told him I liked him. Which was true. But I didn’t really feel like it that time so … the next 2 weeks I was cold on him. Which made him think that I was playing around…and then he got so fed up of the same thing happening, so… he stopped. This time he didn’t even tell me he was.

The way he made me feel that time was TRASH. I swear. And it hurt a lot. Because the time he was really gone, that was the time that I realized that it was him I loved. You’ll never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. True.

And I went through a lot just to convince him that we should give it another shot and all that. But he just didn’t want to anymore. He would say “what for?...and “why do you keep insisting?”… OUCH. It’s like more than one slap in the face. I couldn’t help but think of how stupid I was.

Days passed. Though it wasn’t easy for me, I had no choice left but to accept it. But then there are times when I’d bump into him and not say anything. There was this one time I was walking to the dorms, saw Ate Kay at the back of the stall and asked her if Andrew was there. He was. I even heard him. I couldn’t bear hearing his voice so I had to leave. And as I reached the dorm, I was crying. That didn’t happen just once, believe me. I even texted my ex for help. One of the weirdest things I did in my life.

Lasallian week. He didn’t even come over my dorm on Open house. Every single time I saw him, I felt weak. But did I have any choice?

The last day of Lasallian week, Friday, January 23rd. Ed convinced him ta sleep out, since we all were. We were sitting beside each other at Cyber and I was blogging about being happy that somehow we’re friends.

Then Ed came. We hopped in his starex, Leah and I were sitting in front, and the rest of the guys were at the back. We ate at Miggy’s. We were sitting on opposite tables. Then everyone went out and left the both of us in. I felt that he wasn’t really comfortable, so I hurriedly finished all my food, and we went out. Everyone was just sitting out, so I looked at the stars. And I pulled him. Then we were just looking up there. For a moment. It felt good.

We got ta Ed’s dorm, and everyone started biking… I didn’t know how ta bike,and he was like, “bilis, sakay ka, turuan kita…” but I had my heels on. I had a hard time! (who won’t?)… Leah was on the other bike, and he was on “yellow”. And then they were like…”Sakay mo si Abbie!”…it took a while before he said yes. We were biking after Leah. kung saan saan kami dinala! …when we noticed that we were pretty far, we all decided to go back. And after that huge hump on the road, we both nearly fell from the bike. That didn’t happen just once. The second time it did, we both stopped from biking. He touched my stomach and asked me if I was doing fine. We were both laughing. And then right there and then. I turned to him and gave him a hug. I thought : if he didn’t hug me back, then there really is nothing left. But then he did.

“Abbie…” before he said anything else, I just told him what I felt.

The rest was history. :D

We were biking on our way back ta Ed’s dorm when we saw Eyah on the way. Told her about it… I was so freakin’ excited. I was really excited about Ed’s reaction. When we got back, he wasn’t there yet. But less than a minute later, he came. Andrew and I were hiding our hands from our back… when Ed got out of the car, I was like, “ED!!! KAMI NA!!!”… he’s like…”hindi nga…” and I’m like, “yeah!”… deep inside, I thought : “that’s it?”… mah bad. He went in his dorm. slammed the dorm closed and shouted…”PUTANGINA!!!”…(LOLZ!) :D

That was past 12.

Things were scary at first, since there’s a lot to adjust to, and it felt like we were both new to it.

Sure, we have our days… and we had those petty fights that made us feel like we won’t last long… but I guess it’s normal for two people in a relationship to feel and go through that stage.

I’m still not thinking ahead. But this I know : I wanna be wit him.

:D Baby, thanks for EVERYTHING… I love you soooo much!!! And I miss you, too… :’( you take good care of yourself…mwahmwahmwahmwahmwahmwah!!!