Love that song. wish I did put the T.V. on mute though, while I was watching Smallville. Stupid Clark. Why?d he have to tell Lana that? ARGH!...

My Cousin got a new dog. A Sharpei! We named it Nanah. I like pronouncing it Nay-nah. Hehe. My sheets are starting ta smell like her. Eew. She had been sleeping in my bed last night, and after she woke up, Fritzie was asleep, and only Louie and I were awake, so Louie was like?playing wit her, and I was laying down in bed, watching T.V? I was quite sleepy, but I din?t wanna sleep since Andrew wasn?t home yet, and I didn?t wanna sleep unless he texts me that he got home. And when he did, I decided to let Nanah sleep on top of me. She?s really heavy. Gawd. So she was leaning on my tummy, and she looked sleepy so I decided to sing to her?whaddya know. In a few minutes she drifted off. And I had no idea that the next few minutes, I would be, too. That was past 1 A.M.

I woke up at 3 A.M., saw Nanah awake, and I decided to put her in the box before my sheets smell like sharpei piss. And I got up at 11. dammit. I had to call CAP?s main office to ask a few questions. I?ll be going to Makati tomorrow, then Caloi and I will be going ta G4. Bwahahahaha. I wanna watch a movie and get an Ice Monster!!! Uhh?then what? Hehe. Lunch? :D Ionno.

Karl and I were texting yesterday. Wonder what that biatch is up to now. hehehe. Karl! Don?t forget mah pasalubong!!! :D

I miss Andrew. I don?t know how I could ever express how I really feel. People, can you see how much I love the guy? Well?you haven?t seen enough. Jeez. It?s like any minute now I could just?explode wit emotions of all sort. The thing is, the love that I have for Andrew just keeps growing. I mean, compared to what I have been feeling before. I had so much ?instant attractions?, which were strong enough,but I could just tell the difference. Wit him?I just find it soooo hard to express how I feel exactly. It?s just soooo deep. I still keep thanking God for giving me that kind of strength to keep ?insisting? on everything. Hehe. But really. *sigh*?Gawd, cause if I didn?t? I just wouldn?t know how good it would feel like. He makes me so happy. Just sitting beside him makes me happy. Hehe. If Baby?s reading this?well? I LOVE YOU!!! hehehe? okay I better stop now before I start crying. WORD! :D