Watched THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST today wit Caloi. Darn. That movie made me cry! It’s been a long time since I cried in the movies. The Last Samurai got me teary-eyed. But this one- shux. It just made me cry. It made Caloi cry a bit! Haha! Thought it was cute tho. But in between his “sniffs” he’d be hitting me on the arm and say. “Ikaw kc! This was your idea!”… and I’d burst out laughing. Haha. sa kanya pa nakatapat ung A.C.. Hahaha.

The movie just focused on Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Gawd, how he took every hit. I really cried, but I especially cried on that part when they were nailing him to the cross. And when they were nailing his feet, he cried, “Father…they do not know…they do not know…” and then his blood just gushes out of his body. I’d say HANDS DOWN to Mel Gibson. He just did a GREAT job in directing this film. It’s definitely a film I wanna own in DVD. It’s definitely a must-see. Caloi thought it was GORY, but I think it’s reality. I do think Jesus have gone through that. That movie made me think a lot. Actually Caloi and I shared the same thoughts. In summation, we both thought : “it made me feel like not committing a single sin!”…which was true. I’m not exaggerating, but the movie made me feel that way.

I got to Caloi’s place at 1130. We left for G4 at around 1155. We walked back home. It was really near. It’s really fun walking. I love walking.

Oh, and he was featured in MEG! Check him out if you get a copy! Check out MEG’s April ish, page 28, Carlos Locsin. Haha! SIKAT NA PALA KABABATA KO! ;p ;p ;p He got himself a copy, and gave it to me. I knew it was gonna be his treat! He treated me to Starbucks, and to the movies. Hati na kami sa “Lunch” in Yellow Cab. YUM. Manhattan Meatlovers. 14 inches. 8 slices. He ate four, I ate three. But I had left-overs. The last slice, we had it “wrapped”…(haha…) It took us SOOO long to call someone ta get it. He’s like…”Ikaw na…” I’m like…”No, ikaw na…” that went on for about 30 minutes. He ended up calling someone. BLEH! ;p Hey Curly, if you ever get to read this, THANKS A LOT! I HAD A GURREAT TIME. :D

…hey, I’ll be seeing Andrew tomorrow! YEY! I just can’t wait!!! I can’t wait to see Baby… hmm… Miss him so much… Baby, I hope you’re okay and that darn bus didn’t do any damage or anything. And I hope you were able ta…u know…hold…hehehe….I love you! Mmmmwwwwaaahh!!! :D Gawd, if only I had a so much money I’d be getting my Baby a car of our own. Haha. :D It’s mine on weekends. Haha! :D ohwell…

I really can’t wait ‘til tomorrow. Wish us luck…about our grades. Please pray for us. Please…