- Ayah

GAWD! I had a GREAT…GREAT time wit mah gurlfriends yesterday…It was Maya’s 18th birthday! WoOhOo!!! Belated Happy 18th Birthday, gurl…I LOVE YOU! :D

I got to G4 at 1130. I sat at Starbucks waiting for Maya…Maya came, and I didn’t even hug her… (sorry Maya…) Ionno…I just don’t get it. I mean, usually I would give my friends a hug, but… argh. Even Ayah thought the same. “Yeah, she’s like that. I saw her at Filinvest, no hug, no nothing! She just held my hand…” I don’t know what’s wrong wit me… Anyways, Ayah came next, then we took a picture of ourselves in my cell… *tee hee*…then later Leslie came. After that we all headed ta Ssbarro to have lunch. Maya’s treat!!! :D I had two BIG slices of pizza. Hawaiian and this…I don’t know…I finished nearly half of the second pizza… Ayah borrowed my mirror to “spy” on her crush. Haha! She looked so cute. I missed these people a LOT. It felt so good…I have always wanted to be the person I was before again. And being wit them, somehow helps reminding me how things were. Of how I used to be.

We went around after lunch, then decided to got back to get a Starbucks fix. Maya’s treat! :D After that, the big word: SHOPPING! :D Since I was allowed to stay overnight at Ayah’s place, I had to get some stuff. Underwear. Tank Top. Shorts. : Topshop. Mango. People are People.

We watched the WAVE anniv concert. Saw bands like 3rd degree ( I liked them…), Southborder (WHoooOO!!! I’m playing Rainbow right now…) I HEART JAY DURIAS!!! Haha… Saw Nyoy Volante…(thought he was really cute),Aliya Parcs, Jimmy Bondoc, Nina…in between all that, we decided to go back and eat dinner. Neya and Angge (Maya’s friend) was wit us by that time. We all headed to McDo. But it was full. So we went to KFC. I didn’t really wanna eat anything…I just wanted a McFloat…but I was lazy going back there and falling in line, so I decided to just get one before we go back to the concert. After Maya, Neya and Angge came wit the trays, Maya left, and a few minutes later she came wit my McFloat! AWW!!! That’s really sweet of her. :D

Everyone in favor of Andrew? HAHA! Yeah. I’ve been telling them about him. They love him already. :D aww..I miss him a lot. He’s not even replying to my texts. Ohwell.

Neya and Angge gave Maya this really cute gift. A drawing of her and Mark Abaya! KEWL! Haha. I think Mark Abaya’s cool.

The concert wasn’t really done yet, we decided to go home (Ayah’s place) but I had to withdraw money. On the way in we saw NATHAN and NABIL! Har-har! Nabil wasn’t really minding us, he was wit his gf. So we all were aroung Nathan. He grew BIGGER! He was really tall! ARGH!

I wasn’t able ta withdraw, so we all decided to hail a cab.

As we got there, I saw Tita Josie. And Athar! My Gawd, she’s as tall as me, and she’s in 2nd year highschool!!! What the--? :D Ohmigosh. Tita Josie started talking to us, and I didn’t realize how much I missed her! I missed Ayah’s family!!!! GOSH… I really really really do. I even missed Ahmed, though we don’t really talk AT ALL. Haha! :D See. Maya’s, Ayah’s and my mom were all friends before we were. Cool. Y’know what, I even thought of Ayah’s family as my second family! They’re just really really really really really…REALLY nice people. Ayah’s dad rox, too! Hehe. I miss them. I even miss Ayah’s room. Hehe. :D I miss everything back in Jeddah. I miss Ayah just calling up out of nowhere to TELL me to sleep over. And how we’d have picnics by the seaside… I miss Tutti…that little girl…well, she’s not little anymore! Haha… It just felt good seeing them again… felt so good. :) I miss them again… :(

Then we all left for Eastwood. (Thanks for taking us there, Mido! Haha…di nya kami matiis eh…Cold on the outside…kind-hearted on the inside! Haha, what am I saying?..:D ) I had a cosmo. Maya’s treat! :D Didn’t finish it though. I was too weak to finish it all. I’d be dead meat if I did. But…

I DANCED MY ASS OFF! Haha. Ayah rocked the dancefloor! Maya and Leslie just “let go”… and me? I still didn’t show off those moves that I do when I’m alone at home, in my boyshorts. Haha. But I did have a good time dancing. The couple behind us were actually caressing each other’s butts. Okay. So what? :D It MUST be a normal sight. (I’m not saying it’s right, tho. But it is “normal”..)

We left at 155. We got home, talked, went online…slept at 5. Sorry for that kumot thing, Maya bird! :D Woke up at 12. Ate pancit (YUM!!! It’s been awhile since I ate pancit…) and Brownies…

Ayah took me to the rooftop. 22nd floor. Wo. Nice view. Magkaakbay kami while we were walking up. She’s like…” College, and we’re still together…” I’m like, “of course, ayah…”… NOTHING…NOTHING could ever break the bond we have. The bond that Ayah and I, Maya and I have. NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

We just went around. We didn’t go dramatic on each other, tho. But we were, sorta. She’s like : I’m gonna miss you, Bie… I didn’t wanna give in. I might cry!!! But thank God, she studies here in the Philippines. If she studied in Egypt, that would be worse. ARGH.

Maya, thanks for making me feel that my presence had somehow made your birthday “complete”. Senxa na wala akong gift sayo huh. Maya, thanks for listening when it comes to all the “nonsense” things that I have been bragging about. I know I should forget about it. But after what I’ve heard from Les.. I just couldn’t accept it. I know you know. And thanks…to both of you (ayah) for insisting on letting me go… You were right. Ayah? Insisting? Haha. :D I love you girls a LOT. It’s true. I can’t believe we actually still find time to do this!... I mean, it’s been 2 years since we graduated…since all that happened. I’m thankful we still have each other. Even if we don’t really talk as much as we used to do. Gosh. I feel like crying now.