Our songs played in Smallville for two consecutive weeks. Unbelievable. I was cleaning the room, and I was starting to pack my stuff for the dorm and I was watching Smallville at the same time. All of a sudden, another Clark and Lana scene, I hear GOODBYE AGAIN playing in the background. I was screaming and jumping like crazy then I call Ed IMMEDIATELY. I’m like, WORD!OHMYGAWD, I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY’RE ACTUALLY PLAYING YOUR SONG! IT’S YOUR SONG! And Ed was screaming on the other line, too. We were like talking at the same time and we both can’t understand what we’re both saying but we know what we’re talking about. THAT – was a moment that I won’t forget. In the middle of talking to Ed, George texted me saying that the song sounded familiar. Hehe. IT’S ED’S SONG! Was my reply. Last week they played my song : WHITE FLAG on another Clark and Lana scene. It’s so freakin’ cool. Aww. Hearing that song just made me miss Ed more. I’m listening to it right now real loud on my compo. Finally done fixing the room. WHEW.

I’ve got news. Don’t know if it’s good or bad, tho. I’ve got flabs. That’s a good sign in a way cause it means I got fatter, in a way. But does that mean…I’ll have to bid my low-rise levi’s goodbye? But I love those jeans! I could live in those jeans! I could like, wear ‘em everyday and not mind! (ew.) hehe.

Lance and I had a good talk. Fixed things up. I’m glad he’s still coming back from Virginia. I know he’s gonna be alone, but we, his friends – we could still be his family. And I’m glad to know that we’re still friends. After all.

And I finally got over my paranoia. I’m learning a lot, here. It’s not easy. But it sure is worth it. I’m learning a lot from him.

Did any of you know that Mik is actually transferring to another school? :(

My dimples can’t fight against his anymore. Yada. Only Mik and I know what that actually means. :D

I think it’s cute Zee calls me “baby sis”. Aww. It feels so good to be taken care of. *sigh* :D I’m calling him “big bro” :)

Anyways, gotta go take ANOTHER shower. Jeez. Could it be any hotter?

Oh, and…SMALLVILLE ROCKS!!!! Hehe. (and I’m still Lana….;p)