-and want him to experience it in return. Even just once.

It also feels like giving a glass full of water, and getting it back half empty. Hey, I know it’s not supposed to be that way, but you can’t help but expect a little bit of what you’re giving to be given back to you in a way.

Attack of the migraine. Not just that. So as dysmmenorhea. So far the only one who actually cares about me is Basil. Thanks, dawg. That meant a lot. :)

Hah! I beat my cousin in Tekken 4.

Anyways, I’ve been begging my Mom for her to allow me to dorm outside. At least in my senior year. She says we should talk about it when they get back home in June. I can’t wait to get that taste of FREEDOM. And finally be INDEPENDENT. Sad part is, Ed won’t be there anymore by that time. Jeez.

…I just want him to act more…caring. Or maybe I’m just being too demanding again. It’s always like that, right? *sigh*… I’m sorry. Maybe I just….. I’m not asking too much, just a little time at least. Find some time for me in that hectic sched to at least text. Ask me what’s up, how I’m doing. Or what if he does, then I do what he does and not reply? Would he worry? Would he act paranoid or something?

Maybe he’s just sick of seeing my name in his inbox every single day.

Ohwell, I’ll just care less. Not take things seriously. That’s the only solution I could think of. Maybe it’ll work. If it won’t, whatever.

ZUBAIR SAEED ZAFAR! You freak! Actually let me just say that after Zee called I felt better. He just did a minute ago. Uhm, let’s say after he scared the shit out of me? Just because I told him I was at home alone, he started scaring me! OOH…I’ll drag yo’ ass all the way from BICOL, big bro! hehehehe… take care, big bro.

Thank God for people who care.

Signing off…