devil: ur eyes suck.ur nose,its not even pointed.u look weird.yuck.

devil: yuck i saw u again.. i hate u so much. ur like a thin smelly bamboo.yuck.mas bagay kame ni andrew.

Beautiful: i love you andrew.u just dont know how much. im looking forward of your break up with tha gurl. you do not deserve prettier,model beauty

My gawd is that how desperate people really are today? Hehehe…I’m posting this cus it’s…funny. And I have a reply… this stinky bamboo you’re calling is the one Andrew loves. And as much as you enjoy trying to piss me off wit your tags, fine. I’m giving that to you. Tag me all those things as much as you want. Mock me as much as you want. I’m giving you that feeling. But you will never know what it feels like to be loved by Andrew. So…I think you know who’s the real winner here. Say anything you want to. :D And to “Beautiful”…who I also think is Devil…hmm… Andrew is not the type of person who goes after looks. Clearly, there are far more many girls prettier than me…and they might’ve turned his head, or catch his attention…he might have developed a crush on them…but that’s just as far as it goes. As far as “the packaging” goes…I’m the one he loves. I’m the one he accepted. I’m the one. You can’t do anything about that. And that goes for me, too. It has never been about just the way a person looks. It’s how the person makes you feel. I’m sorry you’re too shallow to actually see that.

Anyways… GOODBYE SUMMER!!! :’(

Hmm…all the good memories…I’ll just keep thinking about them for the next 3 weeks. It’ll keep me going. I just miss Andrew. *sniff*…

I can’t wait to have our pictures developed….Mmm… :D

Last night… Tom, Leah, George, Mark, Basil, Karl and I went overnight swimming at Volet’s. At first I really didn’t want to go…Thankfully, Leah forced me. But I really wasn’t in the mood of swimming. Eventually, after the comforting my Baby did… and the convincing of my friends… yep, you guessed it right. I went for it. Thanks, Leah. :D

I brought a picture of me and Andrew and it was in front of me while I had dinner. I was even talking to it. hehe. Funny as it sounds. But that’s how much I miss him. I still do. Mmm…Baby told me to think of it as…”it’s just 3 weeks anyway…” Yea. I hope it was that easy. But it’s good in a way. Cus we get to miss each other SOOOOOO much. Hehehehe. But the sad part is, on the 24th, we won’t be together. *sigh*…. We’ll be turning 4 months! YEY!!! :D It might be “just 4 months” to most of you but for my Baby and I? We’ve just been through a lot.

But ohwell….

Baby, if you’re reading this…mmm…thanks. :D You already know what I’m gonna say…hehehe… you take good care of yourself while I’m not around. I just miss you so much. I can’t wait to be with you again! (exagg ko ba? Hehe…) Anyways…yea. This makes the relationship stronger… I love you so much, Baby!!!! :D :D :D :D :D MMMWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!