I was on a ride home and I was thinking about Andrew the whole time. And then I thought of the things we do when we're together. When we just sit, talk and cuddle...I'd tell him about my childhood, and he'd tell me stories,too... and then we'd just laugh about the stuff we tell each other... and then in between our conversations we'd just stare at each other and I'd smile at him...then his hand would rub on my back...then the times he'd hug me and he'd feel my tummy...the times when he'd lean on my shoulder then gimme this really tight hug...then I'd feel him breathing on my neck...and then we'd just sit there...talking about how we feel...

He changed a lot. And it just feels good that he's learned how to be more open when it comes to how he feels for me. I just love it whenever he tells me how he feels.

And then it hit me, on that way home. While I was in the van with PINK BUNNY in my arms. How I just love telling him stories, and how I love the way he always listens to me even when he's really tired and sleepy... I could do that. I could wake him up when it's sunrise...while we're just lying there...and then I'd just tell him my thoughts...and then he'd still listen... and then I thought of how happy I really am with him...and then all those... just started to make me cry.

For the first time in my life...I cried with tears of joy over a guy.

Hey, don't find it weird. It's just how it really is. I'm not just in love.


But what scares me is how it's gonna be when we graduate. But...I'm thinking way to far ahead...and I told him that. So we'll be taking day by day, one at a time.

Andrew Kay C. Bautista...Baby, if you ever get to read this, I love you so much, Baby. More than you ever know. You are the only ONE person that's ever made me feel this way, and I'm praying that you'll be the ONLY ONE. I thought I have experienced and felt LOVE...maybe I have. BUT it's different with you. This is just the best feeling in the world. I dunno. It just is.

And I noticed, whenever I have this "tampo" thing, when I get really pissed and feel like crying...I'd start to keep quiet, then he'd make "lambing"...and that's it! I'm okay! I don't know what it is with him, that just makes me...WEAK! I hate it and I love it at the same time... it's weird. But I love it. :D

AAAHHH! If there could only be a way for me to totally express myself...I'd do that. But it's just hard...

"...You do make me happy. :) I know you think that you don't. Pero, masaya ako. Being with you..Hugging...Kissing you...Kasi mahal kita! :) Sino bang hindi masaya sa mahal? :) "...

... :') ....

*sigh*.... :D