I woke up and found my cousin watching the replay of the American Idol auditions on ABC. Haha. Thought it was freakin' hilarious.

Anyways, COOL. "Blogger Dashboard"..hmm.. it looks better...and a lot more user friendly...

I'll be going back to the dorms later, can't wait. But then I've been having's like I don't wanna show up ta anyone for the meantime. The thing is , Andrew likes it! UGH! hehe. Just because I make fun of him everytime I see that he has one, too... Ohwell.

I still haven't started typing any of the articles yet's gonna be easy. I got a lot of sleep today, I'll have enough energy typing all 3 today. :D

Gawd, I can't believe it's MAY. Next month my folks are gonna be back here.... GAWD! I can't wait... MOOOMMMMY!!! hehe... And my Dad,too of course. I haven't seen him for two years now...

I jitter whenever I think of who's gonna win the May Elections. I'm praying it's ROCO but something's telling me FPJ's gonna get it...

...Mmm... I am PRO-ERAP but I just hope they give it to ROCO. I'm like SOOOO PRO-ROCO. GO ROCO! hehe...

..Otei, I'm watching the American Idol audition again... mmm..I love this show. :D


hehe..HINT: birthday presents! hehehe... KIDDING. :D

I'll see my baby laterz!!! hehehe...can't wait,can't wait,can't wait.

Here's a list of stuff I'm gonna get by June (when Mum gets back): *rubs hads together* I lurve doing this...hehe...Ope I get olla them tho... :D

1. A Philosophy Shampoo

2. A complete set of Origins (facial wash and moisturizer)

3. A Clinique soap and toner

4. Low riders from Seven and Levi's.

5. Pumps from Mango / Nine west

7. Basic Lacoste shirt

8. A bag from Mango

9. A top from A/X / Marks and Spencer

10. Lip Lacquer from MAC / Lipgloss from Bobbi Brown and Lancome

11. Havaianas Flips

12. Swimsuit from Tabu

13. Boardshorts from Billabong / Roxy

14. A SPA!!! :D :D :D

15. Skirts from Topshop

16. Perfumes : Clinique Happy/Happy Heart, Lacoste pour Femme, Still

by J.Lo...

17. A p900? *teehee*...

18. Sneakers...

19. MORE Topshop and Calvin Klein underwear!!! (hehe)

Haha! I'm not sure if I'm gonna get olla them...I'm just listing them down. Mom sez Pop is really thinking of getting me the P9. *crosses fingerz*... :D ... It's been a long time since I did major shopping... :D MOOOMMMMMYYY!! hehe. Of course,that's not the only reason why I'm happy that my 'rents are coming "home". I can't wait to hug them... Then feel like a daughter again. I might be turning 18, but when it comes to my 'rents I feel like I'm 12. I might have learned how to live wit them being so far but whenever they're around I just give up that independent person I've turned out to be and be their daughter again. But I think I'm blessed enough to have experienced this kind of life, knowing that I went through all that almost by myself. And I probably have ended up doing something really stupid, but...Ah. Forget about that phase of life I went through. Important thing is that I learned from it. And I learned how to open up ta Andrew... and he did, too.

Mmm...I can't wait for Mum ta meet Andrew... :D