…and I had another dream of Andrew.


Yesterday I had thought of my past. And how thankful I am for having gone through a relationship like that. A relationship that I might have regretted getting into at one point. But, if you look at it, even if it had made me feel like I might not really be worth loving and all, there was a reason why God got us together. We both learned. And now, we’re both happy. And not to forget the fact that I was happy being in it, as well. And I know he was too.

And now, I’m just plain thankful. Now I can tell that there’s a line between my past and my present.

To Ja, I know you’re happy…and you deserve to be happy. It’s nice to know that you’re still there, we’re still friends. Still here for each other. Like you, I’m wishing you and Deng the best… Thanks for everything, Ja…


I miss Andrew. I really like that pic of us, wit him kissing my cheek. Hehe. Check out my friendster photo.

I’m glad that Andrew has been patient wit me. I know he wanted to give up, but thankfully he didn’t. And I still have him.

There’s just this assurance that my Baby won’t do anything to hurt me. I trust him so much that sometimes it scares me. Don’t get me the wrong way. I know Andrew loves me. I feel really lucky to be that gurl he’s willing to fight for.

Otei. It’s 2 A.M., gotta hit the sack. I hafta wake up at 530! Gotta be at the schul early for enrollment…

I miss you, Baby. I’ll see ya on the 31st.

LANCE ... it's nice to know you got back safe. :D I missed you, man! ...