Gawd, could you guys just imagine?it?s summer?and I haven?t even been to a single beach yet!?! HOW STUPID COULD THAT BE? I wanna go to a freakin beach!!!!

Mmm..the little voice in my head is actually saying something:


My Prof says you only need about 2,500 PHP to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. It's not that much, right? And to think that we could stay there 2 days and a night, I guess.....

But I already thought it over, that on my 18th birthday, instead of doing the traditional thing I'd take my friends to Puerto Galera...IT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN!!! :D But Mom and I will have to talk it over. But I'm sure it's a pretty good idea. This only means one thing. I have ta head to NOTHING BUT WATER ta get a pair of Havaianas and some swimsuits! ;p I can?t wait. Maybe I could do it on the weekend. Since June 24 falls on Thursday this year, I might do it on a Friday night. But then isn?t that Leah's birthday? Saturday? isn't that Gail's? Sunday?isn't that Ayah's? Now what? ..Ugh. ako ung ipit. aww... *sigh* I'll just have to talk it over wit Mum...

I just have this one scenario playing in my head over and over. Mmm.. Me driving wit the wind blowing my beach hair, I'm my my tank top and a really short skirt, I got a tan, and I'm wearing this two toned (orange and white) Chanel aviator shades, red manicure, J.lo's "The remixes" playing on the background, and I could still feel the sand in my Havaianas flips, wit Lemon Passion Iced tea on my left hand, AaAAh! That?s life, right? :D

Now,I WANT A CAR!!! ;s

And I'm in dire need of a spa ;s



To the "person" who tagged this...

devil: i hate you abbie..trying hard ka masyado!! di ka maganda

devil: watz ur illusions about andrew? how come u dnt kno we hav a son hu luks vry mch like him..poor abbie

INITIAL RXN :*yawn*...But I'm gonna say something anyway...

Just like I said...You're the one who's obviously trying too hard. I don't care if you tell me stuff like I'm ugly and all that shit. Uhuh. I might be ugly but I have Andrew. And we love each other. That's all I need to know. SO, if you're THAT desperate...I'm sorry...it takes more than that...or should I say, NOTHING'S GONNA BREAK ME AND ANDREW APART. You'll hafta live wit it, honey. There's so much more I wanna say but I guess it's just not worth it. I'm not as cheap as you are to say something. Gladly my parents didn't raise me that way. But I just wanna justify that no matter what you're gonna say...it won't change anything... :D :D :D Oh, if you wanna tag more, go right ahead. I don't mind. :D

Anyways, on a MORE SENSIBLE side (hell yeah...)


Gosh, the feeling just can never be expressed. I feel...confident. contented.

So...this is what LOVE is supposed to feel like... :D

So I guess to all the girls trying to steal my Baby away from me...Mmm... WE (WE = my baby and I) would love to watch you try... (or maybe not..hehe..) LATELY however, I do think it's funny whenever someone makes parinig ... Hmm... How desperate. Yeah. You are trying too hard. But what really sucks is that all they can see is my Baby's physical appearance! But it's actually a good thing 'cause if they get to know him better they'd end up feeling the way I do. Now, I don't want that to happen.


For having him in my life... :D I might just sound like Casper... " CAN I KEEP HIM?"... Hehehe...

Deym, I really want this to work! ... I mean, I really do. And I do still feel scared of what could happen... I DON'T...wanna lose him...

Baby, don't leave me!!! .... (lolz...)


I wonder if Shopwise already sells EVIAN... *tsp* *tsp*...