It's so hard to express how you really feel in a public blog like this. It's never easy to let out emotions which are...

I just don't know where to start. Where to put myself. What to do. How to take it. How to act. What to expect. What to think. Where to go. To whom will I vent out on. Whose shoulder to cry on. Who's gonna listen. Who's gonna understand.

I just don't know what's wrong with me.

I AM in-love. I am. deeply. but...

All i can do is cry.

God, can someone hear me out? And believe me that this is one serious problem? That I want to be solved?

Can someone just FEEL... that I need someone now. To be by my side. Someone who can listen. I'm crying for help, please.

The One person I'm expecting to care. Turned it's back on me. When that someone needed me I was there. Now that I need that company, it can't be given to me?

Please stop trying to make things okay coz it's not. Please stop trying to make me feel like everythings normal when i know it's not. Please stop pretending that none of you know what I am feeling. Please don't be insensitive, and don't use your pride on me. I need you now. More than ever. Please be there.

I just wanna explode. I wanna disappear. I wanna forget. I wanna...I just wanna.

I feel like I'm floating.

My soul's gone. It left my body. It cannot take the pain any longer. My soul gave up on me. Where is this all leading?

To all the people who hate my guts, I hope y'all are happy now.

I'm so sick of...this.

God, please take me away from all this. Or better yet,please take me.