I got a text from Howard the other day telling me that ALL MY LIFE is somewhat a must-see. I have been joking my cousin about watching it, she goes " GOODLUCK SAIYO "... The next day, she goes..." Tara, let's watch..." And we did.

Gawd! My feet...it's all red. Schupid me, I wore my damn pointy shoes at schul today. *teehee*.... ;p

Anyways, back to the movie, like I've been telling everyone...it's not the typical filipino movie you'd expect! Honest! :D It's...a really nice movie...and pretty long as well... But it made me feel...what it's supposed to make me feel. Mmm... some of you might not get the same impression, and you might even find it so jologs. So what? At least I'm not shy to admit that I do like the movie. ;p At that last part I turned to my cousin and I asked her " Can I cry now? "...and she goes, " ABBIE!!!" ... hehehe. Eventually I did.

And my appetite has been going uhm... I don't even know what word would fit appropriately. But... let's say..I've just been eating A LOT. :D Mmm... :D

And I had another Venti sized, Lemon Passion Iced Tea! (khh khh)...

Ohwell... :D