TWO IN A MILLION by S Club 7. I would play that song in my room back in Jeddah whenever I fix my room or something. I used to like them. *tee hee*…Lately I’ve had a lot of flashbacks…memories of which trace back to when I still lived in Palawan.

Andrew borrowed some of my baby pictures…and when I got it back last Thursday, I had spent some time looking at each of them. And in one of the pictures taken on the bed, I noticed the headboard. It had my piggy banks, my Barbie dolls and jars. There are trinkets as well. And containers which had cotton swabs and balls. There was an altar as well. And beside the crucifix, there was this sign which had “rules” on how to have a happy marriage. I used to read them everynight, and as a child I would not really understand what each rule meant. But there was this one specific rule which I understood clearly, and my parents did set an example on. The rule said that an argument must be settled before “going to bed”… Yeah. It’s a must to settle things before going to bed…Mmm…

Okay, right now what I really wanna do is get out of this trip to mem’ry lane and get on a trip to ATC. Where I could grab a Venti sized, Lemon Passion Iced Tea.


Choel called me last night and he wants us to meet today at G4, to watch Shrek 2. Mmm. I would love to go, only if I had a car… :D Jayson, on the other hand celebrated his birthday yesterday. And I bet he’s really mad at me for not going. He said I had to go there so they could watch the high school videos. Well… watching them won’t do me any good. I’m just gonna miss Jeddah more. But then the main reason why I can’t go is because I had a very tiring week. Or shall I say the past 2 weeks have been reaaallly tiring! If I weren’t tired I would’ve gone. I mean, it is Jayson’s birthday…but ohwell… and what I really wanna watch is Dirty Dancing 2. Ayah made me love the first.

I woke up early today. Nanah woke me up, I was sleeping on my left side, then as I turned Nanah’s face was right in front of me. Hehehe. We both went out of the room, and the next thing I knew she was chewing on my pajamas. It looked like I was limping everytime I walked. I can’t do anything about it, especially when she’s still on my PJ’s whenever I walk. Cute dog. And, I also have a lot of red marks on my arms…she actually thinks I’m her chewbone. Khh khh. I can’t blame her, though. Hehehe.

Anyways.... This is all for now... :D I miss you guys!!!