And good for Abbie. Shopping is healthy! Don’t you read Time Magazine? *smiles*

It’s been decades since I went ta a major shopping spree. But y’all know I shop occasionally, but I don’t splurge-splurge. But since it’s my 18th birthday, I guess my parents decided ta go a ‘lil extreme on that. Hey, I’m not showing off. That’s not me. I just wanna blog this cus it’s definitely one experience uv of a lifetime!!!

First is when my parents got me mah dream fone. Yep. It’s mah second bf. ;) Woohoo!!

Second is when I got a total uv 10thou from all mah relatives! :D Hehe. Well, I know fer all the rich kids out there it’s a small amount, but it’s enough ta add up ta my savings, and soon enuf I’ll be opening an account at Citibank! :D

Third is this. THE shopping spree. Which, by the way, isn’t over yet! Haha!

Abbie’s BIG day (Part 1)

WE got ta Glorietta before 10, our first stop was LEVI’S. I wanted ta get another one of those SUPER low-rise jeans (I’m obsessed wit them) but unfortunately I already have those typa colours so we decided to check on the other branches. Next stop was CALVIN KLEIN, where I got uhh…a coupl’a undies. (Sorry, can’t describe those ta you..hehe..) Next stop wus TOPSHOP where I got loads of boyshorts and uhh..tho- …and I got these low-rise jeans from Moto! Next wus MANGO where I got a nu wallet (it’s white!!! :D ) this really cute whyt top (It’s mah colour! ), and kick-ass specs! ;p Next wus NINE WEST where I got a white shoulder bag, and it has this really cute pouch (which I turned into a kikay kit ) and a cell holder. Wow. *smiles*. Next wus TOWER RECORDS where I got Uhh…Usher’s “Confessions”, Avril Lavigne’s “ Under my skin” and Jessica Simpson’s “In my skin” ( I’ll still be gettin’ the 50 first dates’ soundtrack, Bamboo and Sandwich’s Album, and I’m thinking about Yellow card. Or Jet. Or The Darkness. Hmm.) Afterwards, my folks and I went ta CPK where we had lunch. Yum. BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian Pizza!!! :D Uh, afterwards we went ta look for mah schul shoes, and found one in VIA VENETTO, (they’re black pointy boots.. :D I’m gonna be having a nu uniform sewn. ) Our next stop wus NOTHING BUT WATER where I wanted ta get me a nu swimsuit..and Havaianas flips! But they were outta stock so I decided ta just get ‘em at ATC. So we headed ta DEFECT where they sell REEEEAALY cute stuff, and I got these jeans, one of which I have been wanting ta get a LOOONG time ago. Hehe. :) Mmm… and so far it ends there. :D


Actually before all this happened, it wasn’t the week I pretty much expected…Hah! It wus one of the toughest weeks of me life! First wus when my Baby and I weren’t in good terms on the exact date of my birthday! And cus of that, we grew cold on each other. COLD ON EACH OTHER ON MY BIRTHDAY! Who wants that, right? Hmm….but the important part is that *drum roll* We’re okay now. *Whew*… Bumawi kami! Hehe. We spent time at Ed’s last Saturday while I was skipping my major subject. *tsk. Bad Abbie.* But yeah. Hey it wus worth it. And besides, for as long as we are both in a fight, I just wouldn’t be able ta concentrate on anything, so…it wus better I did. Gawd, you guys should’ve seen me last week. I wus terrible. I had baggy eyes, I always had a hanky wit me, I never wore eyeliner cus it wud always smudge whenever I cried, basta. I was a mess. Haha. A mess at 18. I’ve been praying so hard, and eventually, God answered my prayers. Just like that time HE gave me Andrew. Mmm. I swear, having Andrew, my baby on my side is just THE best feeling ever! :D It just saddens me whenever we’re not otei. You could always find me “playing dead” (as Ate Mae puts it) it’s one of those things you do when you’re problematic, you stay in a corner and you just shut up, you just stare on the first thing you lay your eyes on…haha. Yep, and you’ve got that LOOONG face.

I didn’t even get ta attend Eya’s debut. Aside from, uhm…leaving my freakin’ formal dress and shoes at home, even if there was a way for me to go, I didn’t wanna ruin Eya’s debut. Well if ever she gets mad at me or sumn, I guess I hafta understand. I mean, c’mon. It happens once in a lifetime. But that’s one of my reasons. It happens once in a lifetime for her and I don’t want to ruin that. I know myself too well and I know what I could be causing her if I went there emotionally unstable. Even my mind wus blank that I ended skipping almost every class I felt like skipping! Uh, if you find it shallow there’s one thing that my Baby told me that wus true, and I’m saying that, too. No one knows me better than myself. So if you don’t believe my reason, it’s up to you. :D Not my problem. I’m still talking to Eya about this. I consider her one of my REAL friends. And she still needs to hear it from me.


…Mmm…I just came from talking ta Andrew thru his window… :D khh khh… Ohwell. *sigh*… playing my newly purchased CD’s. Woohoo! Usher’s YEAH…tsk tsk. Gawd I should go to Libis. :D

-- > typed those last night, while I was alone at the dorm. Spent most of my time talking ta Andrew at his window. We were both alone at the dorm!!! khh khh...


And not all surprises are good, right? But I got another good one last night! :D Haha! Gosh, my Baby is sooooo sweet. :D Mmm... if you get a card wit a message like that, who wouldn't feel like melting? :) Basta, Andrew and his surprises. :) mmm... ILOVEYOU,BABY! :) Grabe... :D

Anyways, Thank God we're okay now. Uhh...isn't that line over-used? ;p *peace tau baby..* But ohwell, what's important is...like I always say, we always end up still having each other.

Mmm...saw him at SM Dasma today wit his friends. I ran ta him and I grabbed his shoulder, (haha, he wus in shock. My friends said they saw him scratching his head! ;p ) Hindi nanaman nagpaalam! Or is it that he didn't bring his cellphone? hehe. :D Uy, we're having lunch tomorrow! *teehee*

It's a good thing though, we fixed things, even if it caused me ta skip my major subject last Saturday. Andrew IS reason enough. Hmp! You guys just never know how happy I am wit that guy... :) (Baby, I LOVE YOU!!! )

...I wonder wut he's doing right now. I bet he's asleep!!! :) .. :( I'm hungry... Baby, eat tau! hehe :D

Ohkay...this is all for now... Mmm... I LOVE ANDREW!!! ;p ;p ;p *love you, baby!mWWAAHh!!!*



It's true that even if we all have went through the same experiences, felt the same pain...each of us had gone through something different. Each of us has a story to tell. A story worth telling. Because no matter how typical you think your life is, you just don't know what others might think about the kind of life you live.

Since I was a lil kid I would use to think that my life is like a movie. Actually it's what I tell myself whenever I panic. 'Cause just like a movie, everything's gonna turn out happy. And at the end of the day it's just another happy ending. - Like most movies.

I was on my way to the airport after an hour of sleep ( I was so excited and still in shock since I already had my dreamfone. Yes guys, and I hadn't slept all night reading the freakin' manual! haha! anyways...) I was texting everybody - My Baby, Ed, Basil... and I felt soooo high. :D I didn't know how to feel exactly about going back to Palawan. Believe me, there are a lot of things you still don't know about my life. And what happened back there was history. And I pretty much want to consider it that way. What I was really excited about was riding a plane. As shallow as it sounds, but I miss the jitters I get whenever the plane takes off. :D As we got to Palawan, (I hadn't really noticed the time,and it only takes an hour to get there...my Mum and I were busy chatting and we would have our exchange of stories,we looked like gurlfriends who hadn't seen each other in decades. She'd ask me questions about Andrew and I'd gladly tell her stuff. Makes me smile. :D ) Anyways, yes...as we got to Palawan on the first few steps of the stairs down to the grounds, I just stopped for a few seconds, and took a deep breath, looked around and descended. And there I felt it. I had missed this place.

As soon as I met my Dad we got all our baggages and we rode on my Grandad's jeep. I looked at it, and gawd it didn't change a single bit. It used to be the jeep I would ride on, and I'd stay at the back and my grandad would tell me to hold on tight. The jeep that I used to play on wit my cousins back then. This time I was sitting in front. And I would hold on to that silver handle just in front of me. A scenario that reminds me of my Grandmom (father's side - bless her soul). I looked around the place as the wind was blowing in my hair,and the sun was hitting my face - which resulted to the "nose crinkles". Something I bet Andrew would find really cute since he loves pinching my nose. :) hehe. Anyways...a lot changed since then, but still that clean 'ol place I stayed in for 5 years. And then I passed by my school. It looked much better when I studied there. I would never forget that school. It's where I got a lotta awards! I mean, not that I'm airing this out, but I guess I'm just proud to say that this school taught me to keep my head up. I always had good grades and I was in the "honor roll". I was consistent. I was first. And if I wasn't I would be second. The lowest I got was third. Hmm...what can I do to bring the old me back? hehe.

When we got home,I went up the stairs and then I had another flashback. On how I'd run up real fast to tell my parents the good news about my grades, and how I would go up and find both of my grandparents there watching T.V.

Then I went to my our old room - back in those days when I slept wit my mum and I used to thumbsuck. Or those times when I would lock the door and touch my Mom's make-up and as soon as I would hear my Dad opening the door I'd take them off and run to the bed to pretend I was asleep. :) the times when my grandparents would ask me to sing for them at morning. Those times when my Grandad would make me coffee (yes,at 6 I had already loved coffee)...Those times when I'd watch MTV in the morning before I go to school. And I remember my Mom praising about me handling bathing myself. Haha. :) Those times when I'd be too scared to go to the bathroom in the witching hours of the night and I'd end up waking my Aunt up to go to the bathroom with me. When my Dad would take me jogging wit him, or when he would bring me to the playground.I owe most of my childhood memories to this place. Whether I like it or not.

I went down and I could imagine what my Dad could be thinking. Years ago he'd see a lil girl going down the stairs and running to the door...and now he sees me. Haha. Talk about morphing. But it is dramatic. I bet it's hard for them to admit that I'm this grown-up lady. Not the little girl they used to have. I'm no longer that kid they could easily trick. ;p Back then I had no rights to "voice out". They always had it their way. Being an only child isn't easy. It isn't hard either. And it's never sad, even if I had wished to have a sibling, I have been satisfied wit my life. I had friends to fill that space out.

It somehow felt good to be back and to be wit my parents again. Even if I had just spent two days back in Palawan, it was okay. It was enough.

I came back alone, and it felt good. Actually it felt better than good. There I was, sitting next to a stranger, reading the news, reading the Newsweek I had just purchased a day before my flight. I could say I have pretty much matured. ( in some ways. ;p ) The News really interests me now. I would spend time watching CNN and BBC rather than NICKELODEON and FTV nowadays. It felt good to know what's happening to the world. I realized that there are a lot more things important than focusing on a problem. Actually reading the news helps. It helped me realized that there are people out there wit problems worse than mine. I thanked God for that, and it relieved me.

Guys. I am turning 18 in TWO days. That sucks.

I still don't feel okay. Wishing that Andrew would spend a little more time wit me in his break time. I mean, if his reason is that he misses spending time wit his classmates, he has all the time wit them in the classroom. Not that I want all his time, I just miss him.

I miss US.

I miss those times when we'd tease each other. Lately it just isn't the same. And that part sucks. Really. It does. I hope he feels it though. 'Cause even if we dorm right in front of each other, being able to hold him is WAAAY different. and WAAAY better, too. I miss my Baby. I hope he does, too. :(

Anyways...I'm wit Eya at I-spot in SM Dasma now, killing time. :) but I better go cuz...uh...haven't I said enough? :)



No matter how long or how short you've been together, a relationship is ALWAYS considered serious.

- and may I add, relationships work out when both parties "work on it". Now, don't get me wrong. Not that mine isn't working. At least I think so.

But then I know I'm somewhat exaggerating!...but you can't blame me I guess, it's 3 weeks of not seeing each other and I guess that's enough space from both of us. Now I just want to be wit him and he can't and I totally understand why, but it's not bad to axually ask a little of his time for me, right? Just to be able to do the things we used to do. I just don't want him to get used of this "space". Man, it sucks.

Well, what I', tryin ta say is.. I miss him. So damn MUCH! But then I know eventually it's gonna be fine. It's only the first week of classes anyways.

But I just can't bear seeing him right there but then I can't...touch him...miss hugging him na. AS IN. :(

Ohwell... Sometimes it kinda makes me ask myself if I really do matter. But what the heck, I LOVE HIM! :) .. :( but I still miss him... Like, SUPER.

... *sigh*...

Anyways, Eya is on her way here now. I felt relieved to get that text from her. Even if everytime I see my phone light up I pray it's Andrew's name I see in my inbox. Silly me, I know... ;s

Baby, miss na kita SOBRA. Alalang. *sniff*

...It's just hard carrying this... feeling... and not even able to let it out. To him.

I pray that we'd be able to talk today. :( ... I can't bear it.. just can't.

I'll be flying to Palawan this saturday and I'll be back on Monday. Next week's gonna be my birthday. And it's gonna be our 5th monthsary. I just pray it's gonna be okay by then. I want everything to be perfect by then. I mean, c'mon... it's gonna be one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. And I just want him to be a part of it. *sigh*... I just love him sooo much!

Or is it that everything's okay, and this is a sign of PMS? ...tsk tsk. And I'm just being that paranoid chic again?... bummer.

I JUST MISS MY BABY! And I wanna be wit him. Is there anything wrong wit that?... :(

Mmm... ohhhhweeelll.

Here Without You

A hundred days have made me older, since the last time that I saw your pretty face

A thousand lies have made me colder and I don’t think I can look at this the same

But all the miles that separate

They disappear now when I’m dreaming of your face

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

And tonight, there’s only you and me

The miles just keep rolling as the people leave their way to say hello

I've heard this life is overrated but I hope that this gets better as we go

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

And tonight girl, there’s only you and me

Everything I know, and anywhere I go

it gets hard but it won’t take away my love

And when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done

it gets hard but it won’t take away my love

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

And tonight girl, there’s only you and me

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind

I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams

but tonight girl, there’s only you and me

... :'(



Ah! First day jitters!

Andrew dorms just in front of me...so I'm like conscious. I used to like the idea but then I find it a bit odd, though. Usually we'd leave the door open at night to have "a breath of fresh air"...but now whenever we do he might just think I"m "making pa-cute" or something. It might be like "okay, she wants me to peep in her room"... Okay. that's a silly thought. And usually I'd go out of the dorm whenever I'm on the phone or something....argh. :)

I bet my parents are "on the way"... Mmm. I just hope I'm right. :)

Gawd, all of a sudden I'm not used to being around people now. It's like, "Uhm... okay, how do I be myself when there are like, lots of people around, and they're looking?" Don't get me wrong, but you know what I mean, ryt? :) Damn froshies! Haha. As Lance would put it, "FRESH MEAT!"...

And speaking of fresh meat, I actually saw the Green Magnet today. Tsk. Such a sight. So...breath taking. :)

My Couz is axually here now. :) I'm excited! hehe. Dang, my couz and I are like sisters...

Ohkay. So much fer my thoughts on me first day 'ere. :)




I found myself adding Brent Javier as one of my friends in Friendster. Silly, right? I mean how am I supposed to know it really is Brent, and it's not just some impostor, right? Haha. But ohwell.

I had a really long dream about my Baby. And I never had a dream that long. It felt good, like I really was wit him the whole time. When I woke up I thought about my parents. They're gonna be here tomorrow. *Shrieks*...

Baby's gonna take that exam? :( I pray his Dad would understand...I can't live wit him being so far, either. Maybe Baby should screw up wit the exam. Hehe. (Bad Abbie.) Baby! you won't go, right? :(

...I'm watching Flipper...it's one of my favorite movies when I was 'lil, aside from Free Willy (in which I always ended up in tears whenever I watched it.) Did y'all know we used to own a video store back in Palawan? :) Yeah, and I remember watching all the videos that I wanted 'til like 5 A.M. I was about 6, 7 years old that time! But I remember watching Drop dead Fred, Airborne, Hackers and Vanilla Ice's movie OVER and OVER! :D I would run errands for my Mum. We have a so-called "stock room" where we keep all the tapes. We have this door that connected the shop to the stock room..it's a REALLY small door. And I would pass thru that small door. Imagine how small I was to fit in there! ;p ... Anyways, aren't dolphins adorrrable? :)

...*inhales*...It's sinking in...tomorrow my parents are gonna be here...*silence*........ WOOHOO! hehe :) Actually my Mum din't wanna tell me when they're gonna be coming. But she told my Uncle not to tell me that they're gonna be coming tomorrow! HAHA! :D Well, what can I say? My Uncle and I are tight. ;)

I feel like watching the Matrix. the only problem is, all my freakin' VCD's are wit Zee!!!! :(

Oh, I'll be takin my compo, my T.V., my VHS and DVD player ta the dorm. I'm excited about showing Upper and Camille how my highschool life wus. :) Hehe.

I bet it's gonna be a great year. (ugh, I'm turning 18! it's SO not a good thing!)... I just pray I'm right. But it saddens me I'm axually in third year. I love studying. I don't wanna graduate yet. And besides, Andrew's gonna be left there wit all the girls! Not that I don't trust him, I just know what girls are up to. And he's gonna have a car by then! If someone else rides on the front seat, I'll go mad. (well, kinda.)

...wait, I'm interrupted by VJ Utt wearing really short shorts... :D

:D Utt is soooo sexy :)

So much for my thoughts fer today... I'll catch up wit y'all laterz.



I just used to have the BIGGEST crush on him! My cousin and I were at Starbucks (ATC), we were both reading our newly purchased CANDY MAG (wit Iya Villania on the cover! Love her! :D ) and all of a sudden, she went like 'Abbie, isn't that Ryan Agoncillo?' and I'm like "WHERE?" she said he was behind me, and I saw him there! I'm like, OHMYGAWD! He is SOOO cute! Hah! and not that it's getting to my head but he looked at me a few times! AH!!! Promise! *kilig* :D I remember I used to record TALK TV episodes and I was so head over heels that I even dreamt about him! My good friend Arjaenelle even "made" a picture of us together. ( I had a picture taken wit Arjaenelle at prom, and he edited his face and put Ryan's :D ) ... Good thing I wasn't crazy enough to go up there and introduce myself (wow! ang kapal ko! :D )

We watched DAWN OF THE DEAD. Pretty much nonsense. Altho it was hella fright'ning. It's weird tho. No explanation of the virus, and the ending was kinda weird. I don't understand if they all died, too. Ah. It is a must-see tho. Well, kinda. And I had a LOT of food! haha! that's the best part. I had a slice of Bacon and Cheese pizza, a Teriyaki Rice bowl and a Blazin burger from Burger King...AND THEN...of course...a LE- yeah, y'all know that. Psh. :D

Andrew Kay C. Bautista! Where you at? :D

Tomorrow morning ( 5 A.M. ) We'll be going to Nueva Ecija. First thing that came into mind was: "Is that near Pangasinan?" hehehe.

ANYways...gotta go take another shower.

I miss Andrew na!!! :(



Hehe. I just wanna dress up BOHO! I bet people at schul would be looking at me tho.

Gawd, I'll be flying ta Palawan when my folks get back. But I'll be going there on a weekend, tho. And I myt stay there fer 2 days. Just 2 days. <*sigh*> I don't wanna skip schul.

I watched our high school videos! Made me miss Jeddah more. Ohwell. I'm torturin' myself.


I'm out.



AHH! Freakin hate them.

Just got home from watching Harry Potter for the third freakin' time!!! But still I'm not tired of seeing Daniel Radcliffe's face on the big screen. :)

Squidword reminds me of Karl. I'm watching Spongebob Squarepants now. Damn Patrick Star is so stupid. In a really cute way.

I wanna watch Dawn of the dead tomorrow.

I miss Andrew na. I love him sooo much... :)

Ohwell. Just a few days left, and we'll be seeing each other already. And that goes for my parents,too. Mmm. But I really do miss him. It's been what?... more than 2 weeks since we last saw each other. Gosh darn it.

Mmm... I have so much running in my head now. I'll hafta sleep it off.

Gnyt guys.



It's another rainy day. I love it when I'm at home, and it's raining. It just gives me ALL the time to snuggle in bed and let my mind drift off... I just love the sound of rain...Mmm...

Imagine this : I'm in a dark room, the only thing that supplies light is that orange spotlight that I lit, and the light from the monitor. The only sound you can hear is the sound of the raindrops, the keyboards and Soraya's "Suddenly" playing in the background. *sigh*... I just love it when I have the house all to myself.

And then I am reminded of Jeddah. Those times when I had the house all to myself, and I could do all the meditating I could. Those times when I had more time to figure out who I really am, what I really wanted to do wit my life. Ah. Here I go again. I've tried so hard not to be reminded of those times. I've tried so hard not to let myself slip into those thoughts. Thoughts of missing Jeddah.

Enough of that, Abbie.

But I just can't help it. I miss my cat, Jason A LOT! Those times when I'd just cuddle him and he would look at me wit his green eyes. I just miss those cat stares. :D

I miss the scent of my house. I miss the scent of my room. I miss seeing people in Tubs and Abayas. I miss being scolded by Muttawas whenever I'm not wearing my Tarha. I miss sneaking from my parents by using the phone when they're asleep. I miss eating that Tenderloin Steak from Shawly. <*Yum*...I feel like drooling. Haha! :D> I miss shopping at Body Shop wit my Mum, and going to those 10 riyal bazaars. I miss...going shopping before school starts. My Dad would agree ta everything. He'd get me a new watch, a new bag, new shades, new shoes... :) I remember going to swatch, nike, diesel and skechers all at the same day! :D I remember bugging my Mum about that Chanel two-toned (from orange to clear) aviator shades, and just as we were about ta go back for it, it was GONE! <*sob*> hehe. I miss being greeted by arabs wit "Kabayan!"... <*groans*> There's just so much to miss! And those walks around Saudia City. We'd go from one house to another and before we all head home we'd phone KFC for delivery...and we'd eat at rooftops. :)

I just miss everything about Jeddah.

School. I miss it whenever Ban and I would walk around school just because our Villa's locked (this usually happens back in third year.) I miss sneaking out from Arabic class, where Leslie would give us the GO signal. I miss being locked out from Ditas' class just because I was late for about 2 minutes, and I ended up listening ta our Trigo lesson by sticking my ears on the walls. :) I miss hearing "Saudia Bus riders, Saudia bus riders, please proceed to the main gate..." Haha! And I miss being sun-soaked every Saturday morning when we'd attend that Flag racing ceremony. I miss peeping at Maya's classroom... I miss chatting wit my friends in the bathroom. I miss hanging out at the faculty room. I miss teasing Ditas. :D I miss staying there 'til late afternoon, where I'd usually stay wit Moi in the bridge office, or at the benches where Adnan and I would talk. I miss Tita Ely, and their Siopao. And that twisted,sugar dipped doughnut. AH! and how could I forget? BUKHARIS! I miss eating Mafro and those Cheese and Jelly sandwiches. I miss those school outings where we had to meet up at 5 A.M., and when we'd all hang out by the...<*sigh*> breathtaking

crystal blue water. Well, school outings really are fun, especially when y'all are complete. We'd always go to Sheraton. But "Ayah's sheraton" is where we all enjoyed the most. Especially that time when we all acted like a bunch of kids, we played "TAG" and "CHARADES" on the grass, barefoot. If my memry serves me ryt, that was Me, Ayah, her sis Tutti, Ban, Ja, Leslie, Jayson, Anna, her bro and Camille. :D Gawd. We looked retarted. But we had one helluva great time.

That's why it's my home.

And as nervous as I am about my parents coming here, I'm still happy they are. Can't wait to hug them again. They'll be coming any day now...within this week...

<*shrieks*> AAAAAHHHHH! Now I'm excited. :D Can't wait. I just can't wait. :)

Otei...this is all for now, I'll go back to snuggling. :D



Before I step into Womanhood.

Womanhood. That's a big word. So much expectations... They expect you to be "this lady"... someone so mature. So independent.

Speaking of independence, for the first time I felt really confident about myself sitting alone in Starbucks. Although, it does happen all the time, me being alone...This time it's different. Mmm...

Watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the second time...Whew! Altho I wasn't up for watching it again, it's never tiring to see Daniel Radcliffe's face on screen. *sigh*... That kid's gonna grow up ta be one REALLY hot guy. Lucky whoever he's gonna end up wit. Hehe.

Oh well...it's another tiring day. I'm supposed to be resting at home, right? But here I am stressing about things I shouldn't even be thinking about, now that it's summer...

I just can't wait 'til my folks get back "home".

I pray Baby's feeling better... Mmm... If only I could go there and take care of him. Hehe. I told him I'd even sing ta him 'til he falls asleep. Just like a little baby. *giggles* how cute. Although he does really look cute when he sleeps. He hates it whenever I stare at him, but I just LOVE staring at him when he's asleep. Funny thing is, whenever he finds out that I'm staring he'd cover my eyes wit his hands. Hehehe. *sigh*... okay, enough of this or I'll start missing him like crazy again...



I'm making the most out of 17. I only have a few days left.

Yesterday, Lance, Ben, Joyce, Gail and I met up at Festival... Had a GREAT time. Also,we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...great movie. I'm intrigued! Now I wanna read the books. :D We also had a studio pix taken... Mmm...Afterwards we all hang out at Starbucks. Where I had another - y'all know what. :D

Mmm...I wonder what Andrew's up to...The last time he texted he said he was sick...Poor Baby...



...It's a nice song, ryt?... Mmm...I LURVE Usher...

Anyways, just watched Shrek 2. We weren't able to go last time... Cute movie. :D


Tomorrow I'll be meeting Ben and them at festi. We're gonna watch HARRY POTTER... I won't go shopping since my Mum would be coming home next week. *shrieks* :D

Mmm... I'm excited... :D

Miss you, Baby...

And oh...OHMYGAWD. I am turning 18. THIS MONTH. 22 days more and I'm 18. ( It's 2 A.M. already)

I've lived in this world for 18 years. 18 years? Is that how OLD i am? 18? ... Am I ready to be 18? UGH. 18? I'M TURNING 18? *waaaahhhh* ...

NOOOOOOO!!! I AM NOT TURNING 18!!! But ohwell...

But then it is kinda exciting...feels like I'm this grown up lady. It makes me think of the many things I wanna do... And I can see the changes in me. The way I think and all that. And my priorities. Mmm... :) Which is good.

I do pray that me Dad lets me take you guys to Puerto Galera. I'll be taking my college friends there. My high school friends and I would go barhopping. Then we'd check-in a hotel afterwards ( how i wish... :D )... Mmm... I can't wait to be wit y'all in a beach. I'm so sick of swimming pools and hot tubs. :D I've been doing that all summer. I'd die to have beach hair. Hehehe. :D I just don't know when I could be taking you guys there. Eya's bday is on the 25th. Thursday. Gail's is on the 26th, and that's Friday. Mine falls on Wednesday. We can't go on the 26th, it's Gail's day. Maybe we could all go the week after. We would go on Friday and return on Saturday. I just pray y'all could come. It is my 18th birthday. A celebration of my life... Hehehe. Mmm...there is a reason to celebrate, ryt? :D Tell me it's a good idea. Cus doing the trad thing, as much as I want to, just isn't what I really wanna do. I mean, yeah...all eyes are on you, and all...but...that's just not my way of celebrating. Everything formal, everything planned..Not that I have anything against doing the trad. It's just not me. :D Altho I would love the idea of wearing a really nice white gown ( whoa, like I'm getting married ), at Fernwood Gardens, wit everything in earth colours ( pink is boring. it's just so commonly used... )...wit my hair down and a tiarra on, wit Andrew in a black chinese-collared suit ( it's my debut, not a wedding, okay? :D ), wit everyone's eyes on me, and it's MY night...Mmm... :D but no. Hehe. Sorry. Watching the sunset wit you guys is my idea of celebrating, and being around a bonfire...*sigh* :D

Anyways, I'm still researching about it. :D

I love you, Baby... Gnyt.


I read this at my Friendster's bulletin board. This guy is sooo right.

give each other some of your time. kahit dapat

lahat ng time mo para sa kanya kac may right

yung tao na humingi ng time mula sa'yo e. don't

take him for granted na dahil sa mahal na mahal

ka nung tao, handa s'ya magsacrifice ng maraming

bagay para sa'yo. yes! he can! i'm DAMN sure of

that! pero sino ba namang tao ang gusto na s'ya

na lang lagi ang nagsasacrifice di ba? lahat ng

mga bagay sa mundo, may limitation. lalo na pag

sobra. hindi basta napikon na yung tao, ibig

sabihin, hindi ka na mahal. maaaring hindi s'ya

yung mali, maaaring ikaw rin mismo pero hindi mo

lamang napapansin kac masyado ka busy sa dami

ng pinaglalaanan mo ng time mo. huwag mo

masyado isipin yung mararamdaman ng ibang tao.


MO!!!!! nakakaawa lang yung tao kac mararamdaman

n'ya,para syang laruan na pupulutin mo kung

kelan mo gusto tapos pag nagsawa ka iiwan mo

lang sa tabi na parang wala kang pakialam.

syempre yung pobre, wala s'ya magagawa kac hindi

naman n'ya nararamdaman na mahalaga s'ya para

sa'yo e. kahit mahirap at nasasaktan na s'ya sa

pinaggagagawa mo, pilit parin n'ya niloloko ang

sarili n'ya at ang buong mundo na masaya s'ya at

s'ya ang priority mo kahit hindi na mabilang na

kantyaw at panloloko ang inaabot n'ya kung kani-

kanino. syempre, kanino s'ya tatakbo, sa mga

tunay nyang kaibigan na kahit ilang beses na nya

tinalikuran, andyan pa rin para sa kanya.

maaaring tama nga sila na, iwan ka man ng bf o

gf mo, ipagpalit mo man sila sa tropa mo, ang

tropa, lalo na kung malalim na talaga ang

samahan n'yo, andyan pa rin pag kailangan mo.

nasa likod mo lang kahit anong mangyari. lalo na

pag pakiramdam mo, nag-iisa ka, tropa lang ang

sasalo sa'yo. it takes two person to tango di

ba? kung pakiramdam mo nag-iisa ka, aba, gumawa

ka ng paraan. wag ka tumunganga jan na para kang

basura na hinihintay na damputin ng mga

basurero. tol, tao ka. may sarili kang pag-

iisip. gumawa ka ng paraan. hindi sa lahat ng

pagkakataon, tayo ang nagbibigay, tayo ang

iniiwan, tayo ang itinatapon kung saan-saan.

kung nasasaktan s'ya, wala yan sa nararamdaman

mong sakit sa mga ginagawa nya sa'yo. pero sa

isang banda, sino nga ba talaga ang dapat

umintindi sa mga bagay na yan, hindi ba tayo

rin. kung mahal mo talaga e, tiisin mo na lang

yan dude. may magagawa ka ba? o mas magandang,

pag may ginawa ka, magbago kaya s'ya? pero

isipin mo muna, mahal ka nga ba nya? kung oo,

bakit s'ya ganyan sa'yo?? pero hanngang kailan

ka nga ba magtitiis? hanggang kailan mo matitiis

na paggising mo tuwing umaga, parang may kulang.

hanggang kailan mo matitiis na hindi ka

pinapahalagahan ng isang tao na mahal na mahal

mo? at ang masakit pa ne2, ang tingin ng lahat

sa'yo, hindi ka seryoso sa kanya! na lolokohin

mo s'ya! e bakit pa naimbento ang panliligaw

kung maloloko ka rin lang di ba dude!

naiintindihan kita dude at gusto ko lang malaman

ng lahat ang hinanakit mo sa buhay, baka

magpakamatay ka pa jan e. basta ituloy mo lang

yang ginagawa mo. kung wala s'ya time para sa

iyo. BURN IN HELL!!!!!! hindi lang cya ang tao

sa mundo na dapat pinag-aalayan ng oras. marami

kang kaibigan dude! sa kanila mo ibuhos ang

atensyon mo kac sila, may oras at panahon para

sa'yo... pero isipin mo rin ang kalagayan n'ya

kung bakit sya ganun sa'yo! pero.... mali sya e.

mali sila. don't worry, may kakampi ka. madami

sila. hindi ka nag-iisa. alam ko hindi sila bato

para makaramdam. hindi sya manhid para hindi

maramdaman ang sama ng loob mo!!! isipin mo rin

kahit minsan ang sarili mo. napapabayaan mo na

ng dahil sa kanila e. marami ka nang sinacrifice

tol. tama na yun!!! peace out man! ciao!!!!!!!



And it's the first of June. Next week, my parents will be back here.

I don't know how I'm supposed to feel...well, wit my Dad here. Wit a person who pretty much sticks to the rules. Aah. Ohwell.

And I'm turning 18. What a bummer. ;S I don't mean to offend anyone, but...I don't wanna face...being...18. I'm 18 ALREADY? UGH.

I'm thinking of deleting some pictures in my Hipstir account. You could actually forward those pictures to a friend, right? Mmm... not a good idea. I hafta take those pictures of me and my Baby. Some of his stalkers might just...y'know...so, yeah... :D

Aside from rainy, it's also borrrring.

And we barely text. But I guess it's a good thing. I don't want to disturb him or anything. And besides, maybe his interpretation of "rest from schul" also means rest from me. Well, I have been bugging him so much this summer. Maybe he wants to rest from all that first. Well,I'm giving that to him. :)

I wanna eat doughnuts... Yummm....

PST! I'll see ya tomorrow... :D Y'know hu u are... :D