And good for Abbie. Shopping is healthy! Don’t you read Time Magazine? *smiles*

It’s been decades since I went ta a major shopping spree. But y’all know I shop occasionally, but I don’t splurge-splurge. But since it’s my 18th birthday, I guess my parents decided ta go a ‘lil extreme on that. Hey, I’m not showing off. That’s not me. I just wanna blog this cus it’s definitely one experience uv of a lifetime!!!

First is when my parents got me mah dream fone. Yep. It’s mah second bf. ;) Woohoo!!

Second is when I got a total uv 10thou from all mah relatives! :D Hehe. Well, I know fer all the rich kids out there it’s a small amount, but it’s enough ta add up ta my savings, and soon enuf I’ll be opening an account at Citibank! :D

Third is this. THE shopping spree. Which, by the way, isn’t over yet! Haha!

Abbie’s BIG day (Part 1)

WE got ta Glorietta before 10, our first stop was LEVI’S. I wanted ta get another one of those SUPER low-rise jeans (I’m obsessed wit them) but unfortunately I already have those typa colours so we decided to check on the other branches. Next stop was CALVIN KLEIN, where I got uhh…a coupl’a undies. (Sorry, can’t describe those ta you..hehe..) Next stop wus TOPSHOP where I got loads of boyshorts and uhh..tho- …and I got these low-rise jeans from Moto! Next wus MANGO where I got a nu wallet (it’s white!!! :D ) this really cute whyt top (It’s mah colour! ), and kick-ass specs! ;p Next wus NINE WEST where I got a white shoulder bag, and it has this really cute pouch (which I turned into a kikay kit ) and a cell holder. Wow. *smiles*. Next wus TOWER RECORDS where I got Uhh…Usher’s “Confessions”, Avril Lavigne’s “ Under my skin” and Jessica Simpson’s “In my skin” ( I’ll still be gettin’ the 50 first dates’ soundtrack, Bamboo and Sandwich’s Album, and I’m thinking about Yellow card. Or Jet. Or The Darkness. Hmm.) Afterwards, my folks and I went ta CPK where we had lunch. Yum. BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian Pizza!!! :D Uh, afterwards we went ta look for mah schul shoes, and found one in VIA VENETTO, (they’re black pointy boots.. :D I’m gonna be having a nu uniform sewn. ) Our next stop wus NOTHING BUT WATER where I wanted ta get me a nu swimsuit..and Havaianas flips! But they were outta stock so I decided ta just get ‘em at ATC. So we headed ta DEFECT where they sell REEEEAALY cute stuff, and I got these jeans, one of which I have been wanting ta get a LOOONG time ago. Hehe. :) Mmm… and so far it ends there. :D


Actually before all this happened, it wasn’t the week I pretty much expected…Hah! It wus one of the toughest weeks of me life! First wus when my Baby and I weren’t in good terms on the exact date of my birthday! And cus of that, we grew cold on each other. COLD ON EACH OTHER ON MY BIRTHDAY! Who wants that, right? Hmm….but the important part is that *drum roll* We’re okay now. *Whew*… Bumawi kami! Hehe. We spent time at Ed’s last Saturday while I was skipping my major subject. *tsk. Bad Abbie.* But yeah. Hey it wus worth it. And besides, for as long as we are both in a fight, I just wouldn’t be able ta concentrate on anything, so…it wus better I did. Gawd, you guys should’ve seen me last week. I wus terrible. I had baggy eyes, I always had a hanky wit me, I never wore eyeliner cus it wud always smudge whenever I cried, basta. I was a mess. Haha. A mess at 18. I’ve been praying so hard, and eventually, God answered my prayers. Just like that time HE gave me Andrew. Mmm. I swear, having Andrew, my baby on my side is just THE best feeling ever! :D It just saddens me whenever we’re not otei. You could always find me “playing dead” (as Ate Mae puts it) it’s one of those things you do when you’re problematic, you stay in a corner and you just shut up, you just stare on the first thing you lay your eyes on…haha. Yep, and you’ve got that LOOONG face.

I didn’t even get ta attend Eya’s debut. Aside from, uhm…leaving my freakin’ formal dress and shoes at home, even if there was a way for me to go, I didn’t wanna ruin Eya’s debut. Well if ever she gets mad at me or sumn, I guess I hafta understand. I mean, c’mon. It happens once in a lifetime. But that’s one of my reasons. It happens once in a lifetime for her and I don’t want to ruin that. I know myself too well and I know what I could be causing her if I went there emotionally unstable. Even my mind wus blank that I ended skipping almost every class I felt like skipping! Uh, if you find it shallow there’s one thing that my Baby told me that wus true, and I’m saying that, too. No one knows me better than myself. So if you don’t believe my reason, it’s up to you. :D Not my problem. I’m still talking to Eya about this. I consider her one of my REAL friends. And she still needs to hear it from me.


…Mmm…I just came from talking ta Andrew thru his window… :D khh khh… Ohwell. *sigh*… playing my newly purchased CD’s. Woohoo! Usher’s YEAH…tsk tsk. Gawd I should go to Libis. :D

-- > typed those last night, while I was alone at the dorm. Spent most of my time talking ta Andrew at his window. We were both alone at the dorm!!! khh khh...


And not all surprises are good, right? But I got another good one last night! :D Haha! Gosh, my Baby is sooooo sweet. :D Mmm... if you get a card wit a message like that, who wouldn't feel like melting? :) Basta, Andrew and his surprises. :) mmm... ILOVEYOU,BABY! :) Grabe... :D

Anyways, Thank God we're okay now. Uhh...isn't that line over-used? ;p *peace tau baby..* But ohwell, what's important is...like I always say, we always end up still having each other.

Mmm...saw him at SM Dasma today wit his friends. I ran ta him and I grabbed his shoulder, (haha, he wus in shock. My friends said they saw him scratching his head! ;p ) Hindi nanaman nagpaalam! Or is it that he didn't bring his cellphone? hehe. :D Uy, we're having lunch tomorrow! *teehee*

It's a good thing though, we fixed things, even if it caused me ta skip my major subject last Saturday. Andrew IS reason enough. Hmp! You guys just never know how happy I am wit that guy... :) (Baby, I LOVE YOU!!! )

...I wonder wut he's doing right now. I bet he's asleep!!! :) .. :( I'm hungry... Baby, eat tau! hehe :D

Ohkay...this is all for now... Mmm... I LOVE ANDREW!!! ;p ;p ;p *love you, baby!mWWAAHh!!!*