...It's a nice song, ryt?... Mmm...I LURVE Usher...

Anyways, just watched Shrek 2. We weren't able to go last time... Cute movie. :D


Tomorrow I'll be meeting Ben and them at festi. We're gonna watch HARRY POTTER... I won't go shopping since my Mum would be coming home next week. *shrieks* :D

Mmm... I'm excited... :D

Miss you, Baby...

And oh...OHMYGAWD. I am turning 18. THIS MONTH. 22 days more and I'm 18. ( It's 2 A.M. already)

I've lived in this world for 18 years. 18 years? Is that how OLD i am? 18? ... Am I ready to be 18? UGH. 18? I'M TURNING 18? *waaaahhhh* ...

NOOOOOOO!!! I AM NOT TURNING 18!!! But ohwell...

But then it is kinda exciting...feels like I'm this grown up lady. It makes me think of the many things I wanna do... And I can see the changes in me. The way I think and all that. And my priorities. Mmm... :) Which is good.

I do pray that me Dad lets me take you guys to Puerto Galera. I'll be taking my college friends there. My high school friends and I would go barhopping. Then we'd check-in a hotel afterwards ( how i wish... :D )... Mmm... I can't wait to be wit y'all in a beach. I'm so sick of swimming pools and hot tubs. :D I've been doing that all summer. I'd die to have beach hair. Hehehe. :D I just don't know when I could be taking you guys there. Eya's bday is on the 25th. Thursday. Gail's is on the 26th, and that's Friday. Mine falls on Wednesday. We can't go on the 26th, it's Gail's day. Maybe we could all go the week after. We would go on Friday and return on Saturday. I just pray y'all could come. It is my 18th birthday. A celebration of my life... Hehehe. Mmm...there is a reason to celebrate, ryt? :D Tell me it's a good idea. Cus doing the trad thing, as much as I want to, just isn't what I really wanna do. I mean, yeah...all eyes are on you, and all...but...that's just not my way of celebrating. Everything formal, everything planned..Not that I have anything against doing the trad. It's just not me. :D Altho I would love the idea of wearing a really nice white gown ( whoa, like I'm getting married ), at Fernwood Gardens, wit everything in earth colours ( pink is boring. it's just so commonly used... )...wit my hair down and a tiarra on, wit Andrew in a black chinese-collared suit ( it's my debut, not a wedding, okay? :D ), wit everyone's eyes on me, and it's MY night...Mmm... :D but no. Hehe. Sorry. Watching the sunset wit you guys is my idea of celebrating, and being around a bonfire...*sigh* :D

Anyways, I'm still researching about it. :D

I love you, Baby... Gnyt.