I just used to have the BIGGEST crush on him! My cousin and I were at Starbucks (ATC), we were both reading our newly purchased CANDY MAG (wit Iya Villania on the cover! Love her! :D ) and all of a sudden, she went like 'Abbie, isn't that Ryan Agoncillo?' and I'm like "WHERE?" she said he was behind me, and I saw him there! I'm like, OHMYGAWD! He is SOOO cute! Hah! and not that it's getting to my head but he looked at me a few times! AH!!! Promise! *kilig* :D I remember I used to record TALK TV episodes and I was so head over heels that I even dreamt about him! My good friend Arjaenelle even "made" a picture of us together. ( I had a picture taken wit Arjaenelle at prom, and he edited his face and put Ryan's :D ) ... Good thing I wasn't crazy enough to go up there and introduce myself (wow! ang kapal ko! :D )

We watched DAWN OF THE DEAD. Pretty much nonsense. Altho it was hella fright'ning. It's weird tho. No explanation of the virus, and the ending was kinda weird. I don't understand if they all died, too. Ah. It is a must-see tho. Well, kinda. And I had a LOT of food! haha! that's the best part. I had a slice of Bacon and Cheese pizza, a Teriyaki Rice bowl and a Blazin burger from Burger King...AND THEN...of course...a LE- yeah, y'all know that. Psh. :D

Andrew Kay C. Bautista! Where you at? :D

Tomorrow morning ( 5 A.M. ) We'll be going to Nueva Ecija. First thing that came into mind was: "Is that near Pangasinan?" hehehe.

ANYways...gotta go take another shower.

I miss Andrew na!!! :(