Ah! First day jitters!

Andrew dorms just in front of I'm like conscious. I used to like the idea but then I find it a bit odd, though. Usually we'd leave the door open at night to have "a breath of fresh air"...but now whenever we do he might just think I"m "making pa-cute" or something. It might be like "okay, she wants me to peep in her room"... Okay. that's a silly thought. And usually I'd go out of the dorm whenever I'm on the phone or something....argh. :)

I bet my parents are "on the way"... Mmm. I just hope I'm right. :)

Gawd, all of a sudden I'm not used to being around people now. It's like, "Uhm... okay, how do I be myself when there are like, lots of people around, and they're looking?" Don't get me wrong, but you know what I mean, ryt? :) Damn froshies! Haha. As Lance would put it, "FRESH MEAT!"...

And speaking of fresh meat, I actually saw the Green Magnet today. Tsk. Such a sight. So...breath taking. :)

My Couz is axually here now. :) I'm excited! hehe. Dang, my couz and I are like sisters...

Ohkay. So much fer my thoughts on me first day 'ere. :)