It's true that even if we all have went through the same experiences, felt the same pain...each of us had gone through something different. Each of us has a story to tell. A story worth telling. Because no matter how typical you think your life is, you just don't know what others might think about the kind of life you live.

Since I was a lil kid I would use to think that my life is like a movie. Actually it's what I tell myself whenever I panic. 'Cause just like a movie, everything's gonna turn out happy. And at the end of the day it's just another happy ending. - Like most movies.

I was on my way to the airport after an hour of sleep ( I was so excited and still in shock since I already had my dreamfone. Yes guys, and I hadn't slept all night reading the freakin' manual! haha! anyways...) I was texting everybody - My Baby, Ed, Basil... and I felt soooo high. :D I didn't know how to feel exactly about going back to Palawan. Believe me, there are a lot of things you still don't know about my life. And what happened back there was history. And I pretty much want to consider it that way. What I was really excited about was riding a plane. As shallow as it sounds, but I miss the jitters I get whenever the plane takes off. :D As we got to Palawan, (I hadn't really noticed the time,and it only takes an hour to get Mum and I were busy chatting and we would have our exchange of stories,we looked like gurlfriends who hadn't seen each other in decades. She'd ask me questions about Andrew and I'd gladly tell her stuff. Makes me smile. :D ) Anyways, we got to Palawan on the first few steps of the stairs down to the grounds, I just stopped for a few seconds, and took a deep breath, looked around and descended. And there I felt it. I had missed this place.

As soon as I met my Dad we got all our baggages and we rode on my Grandad's jeep. I looked at it, and gawd it didn't change a single bit. It used to be the jeep I would ride on, and I'd stay at the back and my grandad would tell me to hold on tight. The jeep that I used to play on wit my cousins back then. This time I was sitting in front. And I would hold on to that silver handle just in front of me. A scenario that reminds me of my Grandmom (father's side - bless her soul). I looked around the place as the wind was blowing in my hair,and the sun was hitting my face - which resulted to the "nose crinkles". Something I bet Andrew would find really cute since he loves pinching my nose. :) hehe. Anyways...a lot changed since then, but still that clean 'ol place I stayed in for 5 years. And then I passed by my school. It looked much better when I studied there. I would never forget that school. It's where I got a lotta awards! I mean, not that I'm airing this out, but I guess I'm just proud to say that this school taught me to keep my head up. I always had good grades and I was in the "honor roll". I was consistent. I was first. And if I wasn't I would be second. The lowest I got was third. Hmm...what can I do to bring the old me back? hehe.

When we got home,I went up the stairs and then I had another flashback. On how I'd run up real fast to tell my parents the good news about my grades, and how I would go up and find both of my grandparents there watching T.V.

Then I went to my our old room - back in those days when I slept wit my mum and I used to thumbsuck. Or those times when I would lock the door and touch my Mom's make-up and as soon as I would hear my Dad opening the door I'd take them off and run to the bed to pretend I was asleep. :) the times when my grandparents would ask me to sing for them at morning. Those times when my Grandad would make me coffee (yes,at 6 I had already loved coffee)...Those times when I'd watch MTV in the morning before I go to school. And I remember my Mom praising about me handling bathing myself. Haha. :) Those times when I'd be too scared to go to the bathroom in the witching hours of the night and I'd end up waking my Aunt up to go to the bathroom with me. When my Dad would take me jogging wit him, or when he would bring me to the playground.I owe most of my childhood memories to this place. Whether I like it or not.

I went down and I could imagine what my Dad could be thinking. Years ago he'd see a lil girl going down the stairs and running to the door...and now he sees me. Haha. Talk about morphing. But it is dramatic. I bet it's hard for them to admit that I'm this grown-up lady. Not the little girl they used to have. I'm no longer that kid they could easily trick. ;p Back then I had no rights to "voice out". They always had it their way. Being an only child isn't easy. It isn't hard either. And it's never sad, even if I had wished to have a sibling, I have been satisfied wit my life. I had friends to fill that space out.

It somehow felt good to be back and to be wit my parents again. Even if I had just spent two days back in Palawan, it was okay. It was enough.

I came back alone, and it felt good. Actually it felt better than good. There I was, sitting next to a stranger, reading the news, reading the Newsweek I had just purchased a day before my flight. I could say I have pretty much matured. ( in some ways. ;p ) The News really interests me now. I would spend time watching CNN and BBC rather than NICKELODEON and FTV nowadays. It felt good to know what's happening to the world. I realized that there are a lot more things important than focusing on a problem. Actually reading the news helps. It helped me realized that there are people out there wit problems worse than mine. I thanked God for that, and it relieved me.

Guys. I am turning 18 in TWO days. That sucks.

I still don't feel okay. Wishing that Andrew would spend a little more time wit me in his break time. I mean, if his reason is that he misses spending time wit his classmates, he has all the time wit them in the classroom. Not that I want all his time, I just miss him.

I miss US.

I miss those times when we'd tease each other. Lately it just isn't the same. And that part sucks. Really. It does. I hope he feels it though. 'Cause even if we dorm right in front of each other, being able to hold him is WAAAY different. and WAAAY better, too. I miss my Baby. I hope he does, too. :(

Anyways...I'm wit Eya at I-spot in SM Dasma now, killing time. :) but I better go cuz...uh...haven't I said enough? :)