It's another rainy day. I love it when I'm at home, and it's raining. It just gives me ALL the time to snuggle in bed and let my mind drift off... I just love the sound of rain...Mmm...

Imagine this : I'm in a dark room, the only thing that supplies light is that orange spotlight that I lit, and the light from the monitor. The only sound you can hear is the sound of the raindrops, the keyboards and Soraya's "Suddenly" playing in the background. *sigh*... I just love it when I have the house all to myself.

And then I am reminded of Jeddah. Those times when I had the house all to myself, and I could do all the meditating I could. Those times when I had more time to figure out who I really am, what I really wanted to do wit my life. Ah. Here I go again. I've tried so hard not to be reminded of those times. I've tried so hard not to let myself slip into those thoughts. Thoughts of missing Jeddah.

Enough of that, Abbie.

But I just can't help it. I miss my cat, Jason A LOT! Those times when I'd just cuddle him and he would look at me wit his green eyes. I just miss those cat stares. :D

I miss the scent of my house. I miss the scent of my room. I miss seeing people in Tubs and Abayas. I miss being scolded by Muttawas whenever I'm not wearing my Tarha. I miss sneaking from my parents by using the phone when they're asleep. I miss eating that Tenderloin Steak from Shawly. <*Yum*...I feel like drooling. Haha! :D> I miss shopping at Body Shop wit my Mum, and going to those 10 riyal bazaars. I miss...going shopping before school starts. My Dad would agree ta everything. He'd get me a new watch, a new bag, new shades, new shoes... :) I remember going to swatch, nike, diesel and skechers all at the same day! :D I remember bugging my Mum about that Chanel two-toned (from orange to clear) aviator shades, and just as we were about ta go back for it, it was GONE! <*sob*> hehe. I miss being greeted by arabs wit "Kabayan!"... <*groans*> There's just so much to miss! And those walks around Saudia City. We'd go from one house to another and before we all head home we'd phone KFC for delivery...and we'd eat at rooftops. :)

I just miss everything about Jeddah.

School. I miss it whenever Ban and I would walk around school just because our Villa's locked (this usually happens back in third year.) I miss sneaking out from Arabic class, where Leslie would give us the GO signal. I miss being locked out from Ditas' class just because I was late for about 2 minutes, and I ended up listening ta our Trigo lesson by sticking my ears on the walls. :) I miss hearing "Saudia Bus riders, Saudia bus riders, please proceed to the main gate..." Haha! And I miss being sun-soaked every Saturday morning when we'd attend that Flag racing ceremony. I miss peeping at Maya's classroom... I miss chatting wit my friends in the bathroom. I miss hanging out at the faculty room. I miss teasing Ditas. :D I miss staying there 'til late afternoon, where I'd usually stay wit Moi in the bridge office, or at the benches where Adnan and I would talk. I miss Tita Ely, and their Siopao. And that twisted,sugar dipped doughnut. AH! and how could I forget? BUKHARIS! I miss eating Mafro and those Cheese and Jelly sandwiches. I miss those school outings where we had to meet up at 5 A.M., and when we'd all hang out by the...<*sigh*> breathtaking

crystal blue water. Well, school outings really are fun, especially when y'all are complete. We'd always go to Sheraton. But "Ayah's sheraton" is where we all enjoyed the most. Especially that time when we all acted like a bunch of kids, we played "TAG" and "CHARADES" on the grass, barefoot. If my memry serves me ryt, that was Me, Ayah, her sis Tutti, Ban, Ja, Leslie, Jayson, Anna, her bro and Camille. :D Gawd. We looked retarted. But we had one helluva great time.

That's why it's my home.

And as nervous as I am about my parents coming here, I'm still happy they are. Can't wait to hug them again. They'll be coming any day now...within this week...

<*shrieks*> AAAAAHHHHH! Now I'm excited. :D Can't wait. I just can't wait. :)

Otei...this is all for now, I'll go back to snuggling. :D