I found myself adding Brent Javier as one of my friends in Friendster. Silly, right? I mean how am I supposed to know it really is Brent, and it's not just some impostor, right? Haha. But ohwell.

I had a really long dream about my Baby. And I never had a dream that long. It felt good, like I really was wit him the whole time. When I woke up I thought about my parents. They're gonna be here tomorrow. *Shrieks*...

Baby's gonna take that exam? :( I pray his Dad would understand...I can't live wit him being so far, either. Maybe Baby should screw up wit the exam. Hehe. (Bad Abbie.) Baby! you won't go, right? :(

...I'm watching's one of my favorite movies when I was 'lil, aside from Free Willy (in which I always ended up in tears whenever I watched it.) Did y'all know we used to own a video store back in Palawan? :) Yeah, and I remember watching all the videos that I wanted 'til like 5 A.M. I was about 6, 7 years old that time! But I remember watching Drop dead Fred, Airborne, Hackers and Vanilla Ice's movie OVER and OVER! :D I would run errands for my Mum. We have a so-called "stock room" where we keep all the tapes. We have this door that connected the shop to the stock's a REALLY small door. And I would pass thru that small door. Imagine how small I was to fit in there! ;p ... Anyways, aren't dolphins adorrrable? :)

...*inhales*...It's sinking in...tomorrow my parents are gonna be here...*silence*........ WOOHOO! hehe :) Actually my Mum din't wanna tell me when they're gonna be coming. But she told my Uncle not to tell me that they're gonna be coming tomorrow! HAHA! :D Well, what can I say? My Uncle and I are tight. ;)

I feel like watching the Matrix. the only problem is, all my freakin' VCD's are wit Zee!!!! :(

Oh, I'll be takin my compo, my T.V., my VHS and DVD player ta the dorm. I'm excited about showing Upper and Camille how my highschool life wus. :) Hehe.

I bet it's gonna be a great year. (ugh, I'm turning 18! it's SO not a good thing!)... I just pray I'm right. But it saddens me I'm axually in third year. I love studying. I don't wanna graduate yet. And besides, Andrew's gonna be left there wit all the girls! Not that I don't trust him, I just know what girls are up to. And he's gonna have a car by then! If someone else rides on the front seat, I'll go mad. (well, kinda.)

...wait, I'm interrupted by VJ Utt wearing really short shorts... :D

:D Utt is soooo sexy :)

So much for my thoughts fer today... I'll catch up wit y'all laterz.