What is it wit gurls lookin at me from head ta foot like they're Goddesses or sumn? Okay, not that I'm tryin ta imply anything...just that I always get that look... and I just wanna say, that none of you...has the rights to look at me like that, like olla you are perfect or sumn. If you don't like something about me, (Gosh I've been saying this a hundred of times...) It's not my problem. As long as I know that I'm not doing nething wrong.

And what's wit all these gurls tagging against us?...And why say sumn like that against Len? Ohwell.

I guess there's just nothing I could do about it. No matter what I say, it won't change anything. They'll always be there.

But hey! Who cares what they think? :) No biggie... So, what am I stressing out on anyways? :D

...I think Leah's mad at me. But really, I can't blame her. (HI EYA! I hope mawala na ung tampo mo sakin.) I'm sorry I wasn't sitting beside ya ta cheer for Tom...I really din't feel well... and I din't eat fer the whole kahit pagod na ako, I had ta go out and eat dinner, tska siyempre that's the only time that my Baby and I would spend together, my Mum already left for Jeddah yesterday. I didn't feel...Okay. But I'm really sorry, Eyapot. I know it's not the first time I've disappointed you. Nsktan din ako sa nasabi mo, but alam ko naman kung bakit e. You just don't know how I'm really feeling now, Eyapotz. Pero I know naman maiintindihan mo rin ako... And to Tom, CONGRATS BROTHER!

And to the MAN in my life...mmm...inaalok ka nanaman magmodel no? tsktsk... Sadyang ganon b tlga, Baby? :)

Camille, Upper and I watched EUROTRIP last night... :) One helluva KEWL movie... :D

One day, my hubby and I would be walking down the streets of Paris... *kilig*... OooO! and the eiffel tower. One romantic place ta make... okay, OVERSHARE! hehe! :D

It's my baby's birthday on the 1st of August...Mmm...We'll be goin ta church. :) I like going ta church wit him. Everytime I sit next ta him, I just pray and thank God for having him there next ta me. It's much more dramatic as you think. And I will never get fed up of saying that YOU just have NO IDEA. How happy and how lucky I am...


AH! I know y'all are sick of hearin that. :D

Lalalalala... What else is there ta blog about?

GEORGE EDWARD PUTONG! Get well soon... Miss you, Georgey!

I'm sitting next ta Juno Maia. HI JUNE! hehe...

Otei, this is all fer today... :)



Last nyt we were (actually I) was thinking of how things are gonna be when I graduate, and My Baby goes like : " Baby, mag-enjoy muna tayo ngaun, masyado kang ahead eh! " and then he smiled. He's right. I won't enjoy time wit him when all I do is think of the future and not "live in the moment".

He was sooo sweet last night. He even said "baby, akin ka lang huh..." and I thought to myself, DUH! Andrew, of course. I'm all yours, baby. I really really like the way he is now. All showy... Thank God... :D

Today we'll be goin ta ATC ta meet up wit my Mum. She's leaving tomorrow. :'( I was crying since last week. Every night, bufor I tuck myself into bed... *sigh*...

Baby wus bloggin last Sat, we were together at Nebo... and he typed like MORE than the usual, and then BOOM! All the lights go out. Shiyet. It dint just happen once y'know. The first time when this command came out and he had ta close all the windows... Funny... Sad, tho. I love readin his thoughts... Especially when it comes ta the kilig part... :D He wus so pissed afterwards. I feel him. But he looked so cute though. :D

I miss George, Lance and them. We don't hang out very often nemore.  Sometimes, no matter how happy you are, you can't avoid missing the past. :D But that doesn't mean I'm not satisfied wit my life now.

Yesterday, Friney, Catherine, Mae and I met up at Brejanah... :D Had a lot of fun talking... :D

Mmm... I miss my hubby...

You're the One I Love

Jesse Powell

It's like i've never been here before

look at you now, i don't want to wake you

to tell you i feel something more

more then before, i'd be lost without you

in my eyes there's just you and no other

in my heart there's no doubt that you're mine

suddenly i wonder if i told you

what i feel inside

if it doesn't show, baby you don't know i need you, need you

i need you in my life

to you i wouldn't lie, i'll be true, be true

cuz if i never told how would you ever know

that baby you're the one i love..

girl if you could read my mind

then you would see that it's just you and me

and a love that has no sense of time

pictures of you, now and forever

in my eyes there's just you and no other

in my heart there's no doubt that you're mine

suddenly i wonder if i told you

what i feel inside

let me relate to you baby

there's no need to have any doubt

i love you and i'm gonna say the words...

i love..

I swear! If you guys see us tagether... :D EEEK! :)  I'm really thanking God for the change... Mmm...

Pieces of Me

Ashlee Simpson

On a Monday I am waiting

Tuesday I am fading

And by Wednesday I can’t sleep

Then the phone rings I hear you

And the darkness is a clear view

Cause you’ve come to rescue me

Fall, with you I fall so fast

I can hardly catch my breath

I hope it lasts


It seems like I can finally

Rest my head on something real

I like the way that feels


It’s as if you know me better

Than I ever knew myself

I love how you can tell

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

I am moody and messy

I get restless and it’s senseless

How you never seem to care

When I’m angry you listen

Make me happy it’s a mission

And you won’t stop till I’m there

Fall, sometimes I fall so fast

When I hit that bottom crash

You’re all I have


It seems like I can finally

Rest my head on something real

I like the way that feels


It’s as if you know me better

Than I ever knew myself

I love how you can tell

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

How do you know?

Everything I’m about to say

Am I that obvious?

And if it’s written on my face

I hope it never goes away


On a Monday I am waiting

By Tuesday I am fading

Into your arms

So I can breathe


It seems like I can finally

Rest my head on something real

I like the way that feels


It’s as if you know me better

Than I ever knew myself

I love how you can tell


I love how you can tell


I love how you can tell

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

:D :D :D

You know how amazing that feels, when you think you've found THE ONE.

"THINK". I hate to admit that I WANT this to be it.  My baby says it's good ta dream of spending the rest of our lives wit each other...but as he puts it, I hafta be ready...for whatever could happen. Altho he told me that he does want to spend his life wit me too... Just that...he says we never kno wat cud happen. He says that I'm sensitive... "mahirap na, pag nasaktan ka.."

BUT...wit someone like Baby, it's just really hard not to think of life wit him. What's life like when he's there. When he's beside me. When he whispers "I LOVE YOU" in me ears ( just like he did last night! :D )


I wouldn't want ta elaborate more, it's a public blog! Cus if I tell you how he really is like, you might just fall for him... :D I know some already might have... tsk tsk..

You just have no idea... :)



Apart? Nah. Deeper. :D

HI BABY!!!! Hehe...You're sitting next ta me... :D HAPPY MONTHSARY!!! mmm... :D Shy ako, anjan ka lang kci... ;p


I'm not really good at spilling the beans when there are people goes...

I had fun yesterday! hehehehe...

*sigh*... My baby's making me away,'s our monthsary tapos he's checking out on other girls!!!! He always does that naman eh...

and there he goes wit the *snuggle snuggle*...Oo na, hindi na ako nagtatampo...akhhkhh... :D

WE were at CPK at ATC yesterday then my Mom was making kwento about my childhood... it was kinda embarrasing but funny in a way... :D

THEN today, something REEEALY weird happened...He offered ta bring me ta class...GAWD! 48 years since that last happened! But really, hehe. I was sorta reminiscin on how it was before, when he was courting me and we were And I'm like, "baby, we were so jologs pala!"...haha! It was funny...lookin at how we were... he stayed wit me 'til Sir Calo came. Laws was fun, too... :D We had an 80 item exam... Mmm.... :D Un... :D

Uhh...what else?...oh, and I'm glad Mum and Baby are getting along well... too bad we won't be pushing thru to Los Baños today... DARN.

MOMMY!!! I'm gonna miss you sooooooo much...God knows how thankful I am for having her as my Mom. I was writing her a letter at 2 AM and I'd pause in the middle of it just ta cry. :D It was really dramatic... gawd.

JAY! Hey, man...I really miss you na. It's sad that you're leaving today. :( Please take good care of yourself...

BABY, thanks huh...for making my day. :D Nga naman, it's our day diba? Hehehe... Thanks for being sooooo patient wit me too... Wow. :D


Nyoy Volante

Every Romeo has a Juliet

Wishful thinkers have their stars

Hopeless romantics each have a love song

Played on their guitars

But you, you're everything

This foolish heart could ever define

Every wish, every dream, every prayer come true

I feel so blessed to call you mine

You're my you, even more

No one else I'll adore

You're my you, in my mind

Simply one of a kind

You're the one who never fails to brighten my day

My princess in every fairytale

You're my mornin' 'til night

Such a beautiful sight

You're my you

Your eyes, your lips

The touch of your fingertips

Promise me you'll never take them away

For as long as I exist

You're my you, even more

No one else I'll adore

You're my you, in my mind

Simply one of a kind

You're the one who never fails to brighten my day

My princess in every fairytale

You're my mornin' 'til night

Such a beautiful sight

You're the heat of the fire in a cold winter's night

You're a raindrop in June, you're the sun

You're the moon, you're my you


D'ya all know that I have THE biggest crush on Nyoy Volante? I saw the guy play live, and WOW. Not just cute, FUNNY too. And I've started ta love Bamboo! :D

Mmm...I would really love to pass by the church again wit my Baby. My asawa. :D

This week has been so far the greatest. Inspite of the weather. DAMN.

Come to think of it, we had lunch almost everyday and we ALWAYS have dinner together. Just US. Wow. :D

And I have been waiting for that to happen for the longest time! GAWD! 48 years! hahahaha!!! :D

This week though, I know we'll be back to the "normal" days again. But at least we still have dinner together. :D

*sigh*...Baby, Baby, Baby... I just can't live without you... :D MWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

...Tara na kc, pakasal na kc tayo... :D :D :D Dun din naman tayo pupunta eh... *kilig*...I've been praying that to God...everytime I go to church.

Don't ever get fed up of me, Baby... Don't leave.


Kulang pa yan noh...kahit sabihin ko sayo in difrnt dialects, it still ain't enough! MWAH!

No one and nothing could ever how much I love you. :')

God has given me the best gifts in life. I can say that I found my purpose. IN YOU.




GUYS, watch I.ROBOT! It rox. :)



Mmm...I wasn't feeling well last night, and I bet y'all know, so as my Hubby...But he's been feelin quite a lot better than me...So, yesterday he's been takin gooood care of me... :D

We were havin lunch at Greenwich yesterday and they gave us a survey form, we had to write our name down. He wrote : Mr. and Mrs. Bautista :D khh khh...

Then we were all mushy mushy last nyt...*kilig* :D

Baby, you might think that I'm not taking whatever you're telling me seriously, but I do. I do. :D And I'm thankful because you've been really showy of how you feel for me. Thanks for all the hugs and the back rubs, the kisses, the nose pinching... :D for keeping me warm...and for telling me that you're happy being wit me, and you do think na wala nang tatalo sa happiness na nararamdaman mo...cus we're together. I couldn't ask for anything else.

This is it.This has to be it.

I've never felt as strong...and as weak...thinking about spending the reeeessst of my life. With you.

I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud of us. Of the couple we could turn out to be. On how we both could grow together. Grow strong as a couple, and stronger individuals as well. On how much we can learn from each other. You changed me. For the better. I am now someone I didn't think I could become.

People could think of us as whatever. Some may say that we won't last. But hey, that's what THEY think. What matters is US. YOU AND ME. We're in this together, Baby. :D


Otei, Gots ta go, got an exam at 12. (it's speech, no biggie! haha! kapal...)

Baby, I'm lookin forward ta Saturday. MWAH!



One of things I want EVERYONE to know (and understand...)

I'm not tryna make a big deal outta all these people tagging nega comments, or people tryna ruin my day...

Guys, things like that used to affect me BIG TIME. Take note: USED TO.

But people like Len, Drich and Drew have been telling me that I shouldn't be minding them.

They are right.

I know that I'm not doing anything wrong. And if you have a problem wit me, wit the way I talk, the way I dress, the way I act, well that's not my problem anymore...

But then if you still feel like tagging, GO RIGHT AHEAD. I won't mind :D

that's all for now. gots ta run! ;p

MWAH! HI BABY! hehe...



:) *glares* Last night wus one of my happiest. :D Ionno, I guess it's coz my Baby and I did nothing but "make kulitan"... I wus actually mimicking this girl's name...and he was laughing like I never heard him laugh before. He was actually honest wit me, telling me kung kanino xa nagseselos and all. Mmm... last night, he showed me how much I really mattered to him. I LOVE MY BABY TALAGA.

At speech class today, we were supposed to go and tell your dreams and the things you want accomplished right in front of everybody. What I said wus that, I would like to help Andrew build an orphanage...when we end up wit each other (and that I have been praying for every single day of my life.) *teehee*

I visited the church this morning, thanking God for answering my prayers.

Oh, we edited our MTV yesterday and I had no idea it was so much fun. It really felt good doing things yourself. And to think of how hard we did it, and seeing the result... WHOO! It was worth it. It might not be that good, but I'm really proud of our work. Howie's like, 'I wanna see it! ' AAH! Critics! hehe... :D

This course is hell a lot of fun.

Eya, alam mo ba, ASAWA narin tawag ko kay Andrew? hehe! :D

Anyways...I better keep goin. There's this assignment I hafta type, and I haven't done it yet! hehe.

I LOVE YOU ANDREW!!! ;p ;p ;p Thanks for keepin me company when I was so freakin tired. And for not gettin fed up of telling me that I'm the one you love...means a lot, Baby. MWAH!



...By going to church! Naw, I'm not trying to be a saint or anything...just simply...starting the day right! :D I wasn't really praying-praying, I was there sitting and looking at the statues and I was...communicating wit God like he was right there beside me, of course I wasn't talking out loud or anything. Then this song played in my head...and I was singing a part of it, and I could fully relate to it..."...Come to me all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads..."

And that's exactly what I did. I wasn't just running to God for help or anything, I went there for reasons to thank him, and to ask him for help. When I was at my lowest moments, I would cry and I would simply close my eyes, hug my pillow and imagine I was hugging God. And it made me even weaker. Not in that sense though. It's like I was hugging him, and he was there to take my sadness away. In that way I surrendered myself. Feeling strong and weak at the same time. And then whenever I calm down I just lay in bed and I imagine talking to him in a hilltop. He's dressed in white, and his long hair falling on his shoulders, and there's this white light around him making him look so fresh, and I could cry just thinking of sitting wit him. Talking like he was my best guy friend or something.

Well he is.

Thank you, God...for everything.

Oh, and Ja..if you ever get ta read this, I'm hoping na maayos na 'yan before your anniv. I know you can handle it. Kaw pa! ;p Galing ka naman jan eh...Yakang yaka mo na yan. You're definitely one of the guys who knows how to make a girl's knee weak. Haha! Good luck, kaka bo! kwentuhan mo'ko huh! :D

For some reason, I feel down today. Darn it. I hope the day doesn't end like this...




But first of all, I just wanna greet George Edward Putong a...HAPPPPPPYYYY BIRTHHHDAY! :D

Uhh...I'm simply kilig cus...well, I just 'cus I'm in love... khh khh... :D Mmm... I'm starting ta adjust to our schedule... at least we both make it to a point to spend time wit each other. :) Mmm...

It really just be avoided eh? All these people still textin and ravin about my Baby... ;s

Grrr. But, as he always tells me "HAYAAN MO NA CLA!!!.." and that phrase I just can't get enough of hearing : "..Mahal kita eh.." or..."...ikaw mahal ko eh.." :D Mmm!!!

Hey, did I tell you guys?

My Baby, me, my mom and his Mom had lunch last Saturday. IT REAAAALY felt good ta see both of them get along well! And wit his Mum being so nice and all... they kept talking about me and Drew, our childhood, how we're like, and all that...then I knew a lot about Baby...then, it was like this moment...while Tita Dinah wus telling stuff about him, i glanced at him then I told myself : "Wow, that's how he was, and this is who he is now..." All those cute stories. And the thing is, Tita has been telling me a few of his traits, and it made me feel like she's eager to make me understand him more. Hehe. One more thing is that she said the words: "Kung magkatuluyan 'tong dalawang 'to..." AH! Made my heart stop for a few minutes. Whoa, and Tita is like totally open to that. And she's okay wit 'at! :D WHOO! hehe. My Mum even agreed to Tita inviting me over ta Pangasinan one day. Mum's like, "SURE!" OHMYGAWD! :D I felt so lucky ta have someone as understanding and nice as be his Mum. :) :) :) And I'm really glad that both our Mums are kewl wit each other. I had to stop by the church yesterday ta thank God for all the blessings he has been giving me these days.

I also had "the shopping spree part 2" last Sunday. :D I wus at Glorietta at around noon, then I went straight ta ATC afterwards.. Finally got myself a pair o'Havaianas flips. From Stoked. One helluva coooo' store! MMM! Trucker Hats! WooHoo! :D I should shop there more often...and I also got myself a 2 piece white bikini!!! KILLER! :D Let's go to a beach RIGHT now! :D

Mmm...So this is a relationship, it's like, everytime you celebrate your monthsary you just get so uber-thankful that you've again lasted another month. Guys, it's not easy you know!! *whew*...

BABY! grabe...we're so galing, like GRABEH! hehe ;p I think you just have no idea how lucky I think I am when we're together. Pano ang sweet sweet mo kc! :D Mmm! :) It's like when we're happy...and when we hug, i always ask God na hindi na matapos ung moment na yan! And to think of how we were before, nung 'di pa tayo... Diba? lalang... MWAAH! :D




Put an emphasis on "THAT". Imagine getting a card from someone you love so much which has words like that on it. I mean, Andrew isn't the type of person who goes mushy on me on an occassional basis. But when he does, grabe. Nakakalaglag... :D

But really, maybe it is true. A person who doesn't really say I LOVE YOU often doesn't mean he doesn't, as long as he makes you feel that he does. But now I understand that when they do say it, they really DO mean it. Oftentimes my Baby gets misunderstood. And I swear, I have learned so much from him. The thing is, he doesn't really Baby me!!! It does suck sometimes but...he makes me realize things...(But Baby, you still have to make suyo! hehe..)

My Mum brought us at Ed's place last Friday night ta sleep over, (me and Drew..) They were all like "Asteeg! Your mom let you sleep over wit Drew?" hehe. Well, that's how close me and my Mum are. And that's how much she trusts both of us. I feel so lucky. My mum just doesn't know how much. But I am. I feel so fortunate.And I may not be Bill Gate's daughter, I feel like one of the richest kids...filled wit God's blessings. *sigh*.

Grabe. feels so good to wake up next ta him again. Thing is, when I woke up he was already awake, and he had his big arms around me..I even caught him staring at me. Haha. :D As much as I hate him looking at me, I just LOOVE it whenever he does. What irony. :D There was this time when I was falling asleep, and I just peeked and he was staring! He's like... "Ang cute!!!" hehe. Aww. *kilig* thing I love is whenever we'd do that nose to nose thing and he'd end up kissing it. Gawd, that guy just loves pinching my nose. I don't see anything so different about it. Mmm...

Then we were having lunch, just as I was getting the skin out of the chicken that I ordered, he said..."baby, may sasabihin ako sayo..pero mamaya na, hiya kc ako ka muna..." So I did. AND THEN afterwards, we were about to cross the street, I asked him seriously, and I looked really scared..."You're breaking up wit me, aren't you?..." And then he gave me this look and nodded. "Mmm hmm"... and I'm like "No way. Really?"... and he looked so serious and then...I was almost gonna get teary eyed, he looked at me, grabbed me by the waist and smiled. "Baby!!! I'm not!!" Turns out he was just kidding. BAD JOKE, ANDREW KAY COLIMBO BAUTISTA! hehe. I needed ta sit down at the rotonda cus it felt like I had the whole world on my shoulders. He kept rubbing my back, and he wus kissing my cheeks saying, "Di ko gagawin un noh! Mahal kita!!!".. MMM! But the hard part still wusn over. What wus he gonna tell me?

*drum roll* PAMPAMPAAAAA.....

"Si wish tska si...ayoko!!! di ko alam kung pano ko sasabihin...nahihiya tlga ako sayo baby...bago ko sabihin sayo, Magso-sorry na muna ako...sana ma-forgive mo ako..."

It took me about 10 minutes before I could actually let him spill. Turns out, this blue throw pillow and the teddy bear I gave him wus stolen last summer. WISH and BABY..*sniff*...GONE. Wish wus one of those impromptu gifts. I just ran across it and thought of giving it ta Andrew. I sprayed my perfume (which wus Carolina Herrera's CHIC at that time, Andrew loved it on me...) all over it and he'd text me at 12 or 1 in the morning telling me "SHIT! miss na tlga kita...:'( " hehehe. and BABY, that teddybear I gave him, we used to say it's our Baby, and whenever he'd hug me and Baby at the same time he'd blurt out "Yay, Family na tayo..."...I can see that he's sad and he's pissed that they were, take note: STOLEN. And I'm not mad at him, it's not his fault. It saddens both of us. *sigh*.

...Andrew is deeper than I thought. I'm sorry if you get misunderstood most of the time, Baby. I'm sorry.

But I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. Now I understand you better. And I'm glad you do, too. :D

...ohwell, Baby... :D