Put an emphasis on "THAT". Imagine getting a card from someone you love so much which has words like that on it. I mean, Andrew isn't the type of person who goes mushy on me on an occassional basis. But when he does, grabe. Nakakalaglag... :D

But really, maybe it is true. A person who doesn't really say I LOVE YOU often doesn't mean he doesn't, as long as he makes you feel that he does. But now I understand that when they do say it, they really DO mean it. Oftentimes my Baby gets misunderstood. And I swear, I have learned so much from him. The thing is, he doesn't really Baby me!!! It does suck sometimes but...he makes me realize things...(But Baby, you still have to make suyo! hehe..)

My Mum brought us at Ed's place last Friday night ta sleep over, (me and Drew..) They were all like "Asteeg! Your mom let you sleep over wit Drew?" hehe. Well, that's how close me and my Mum are. And that's how much she trusts both of us. I feel so lucky. My mum just doesn't know how much. But I am. I feel so fortunate.And I may not be Bill Gate's daughter, I feel like one of the richest kids...filled wit God's blessings. *sigh*.

Grabe. feels so good to wake up next ta him again. Thing is, when I woke up he was already awake, and he had his big arms around me..I even caught him staring at me. Haha. :D As much as I hate him looking at me, I just LOOVE it whenever he does. What irony. :D There was this time when I was falling asleep, and I just peeked and he was staring! He's like... "Ang cute!!!" hehe. Aww. *kilig*...one thing I love is whenever we'd do that nose to nose thing and he'd end up kissing it. Gawd, that guy just loves pinching my nose. I don't see anything so different about it. Mmm...

Then we were having lunch, just as I was getting the skin out of the chicken that I ordered, he said..."baby, may sasabihin ako sayo..pero mamaya na, hiya kc ako eh...eat ka muna..." So I did. AND THEN afterwards, we were about to cross the street, I asked him seriously, and I looked really scared..."You're breaking up wit me, aren't you?..." And then he gave me this look and nodded. "Mmm hmm"... and I'm like "No way. Really?"... and he looked so serious and then...I was almost gonna get teary eyed, he looked at me, grabbed me by the waist and smiled. "Baby!!! I'm not!!" Turns out he was just kidding. BAD JOKE, ANDREW KAY COLIMBO BAUTISTA! hehe. I needed ta sit down at the rotonda cus it felt like I had the whole world on my shoulders. He kept rubbing my back, and he wus kissing my cheeks saying, "Di ko gagawin un noh! Mahal kita!!!".. MMM! But the hard part still wusn over. What wus he gonna tell me?

*drum roll* PAMPAMPAAAAA.....

"Si wish tska si...ayoko!!! di ko alam kung pano ko sasabihin...nahihiya tlga ako sayo baby...bago ko sabihin sayo, Magso-sorry na muna ako...sana ma-forgive mo ako..."

It took me about 10 minutes before I could actually let him spill. Turns out, this blue throw pillow and the teddy bear I gave him wus stolen last summer. WISH and BABY..*sniff*...GONE. Wish wus one of those impromptu gifts. I just ran across it and thought of giving it ta Andrew. I sprayed my perfume (which wus Carolina Herrera's CHIC at that time, Andrew loved it on me...) all over it and he'd text me at 12 or 1 in the morning telling me "SHIT! miss na tlga kita...:'( " hehehe. and BABY, that teddybear I gave him, we used to say it's our Baby, and whenever he'd hug me and Baby at the same time he'd blurt out "Yay, Family na tayo..."...I can see that he's sad and he's pissed that they were, take note: STOLEN. And I'm not mad at him, it's not his fault. It saddens both of us. *sigh*.

...Andrew is deeper than I thought. I'm sorry if you get misunderstood most of the time, Baby. I'm sorry.

But I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. Now I understand you better. And I'm glad you do, too. :D

...ohwell, Baby... :D