What is it wit gurls lookin at me from head ta foot like they're Goddesses or sumn? Okay, not that I'm tryin ta imply anything...just that I always get that look... and I just wanna say, that none of you...has the rights to look at me like that, like olla you are perfect or sumn. If you don't like something about me, (Gosh I've been saying this a hundred of times...) It's not my problem. As long as I know that I'm not doing nething wrong.

And what's wit all these gurls tagging against us?...And why say sumn like that against Len? Ohwell.

I guess there's just nothing I could do about it. No matter what I say, it won't change anything. They'll always be there.

But hey! Who cares what they think? :) No biggie... So, what am I stressing out on anyways? :D

...I think Leah's mad at me. But really, I can't blame her. (HI EYA! I hope mawala na ung tampo mo sakin.) I'm sorry I wasn't sitting beside ya ta cheer for Tom...I really din't feel well... and I din't eat fer the whole kahit pagod na ako, I had ta go out and eat dinner, tska siyempre that's the only time that my Baby and I would spend together, my Mum already left for Jeddah yesterday. I didn't feel...Okay. But I'm really sorry, Eyapot. I know it's not the first time I've disappointed you. Nsktan din ako sa nasabi mo, but alam ko naman kung bakit e. You just don't know how I'm really feeling now, Eyapotz. Pero I know naman maiintindihan mo rin ako... And to Tom, CONGRATS BROTHER!

And to the MAN in my life...mmm...inaalok ka nanaman magmodel no? tsktsk... Sadyang ganon b tlga, Baby? :)

Camille, Upper and I watched EUROTRIP last night... :) One helluva KEWL movie... :D

One day, my hubby and I would be walking down the streets of Paris... *kilig*... OooO! and the eiffel tower. One romantic place ta make... okay, OVERSHARE! hehe! :D

It's my baby's birthday on the 1st of August...Mmm...We'll be goin ta church. :) I like going ta church wit him. Everytime I sit next ta him, I just pray and thank God for having him there next ta me. It's much more dramatic as you think. And I will never get fed up of saying that YOU just have NO IDEA. How happy and how lucky I am...


AH! I know y'all are sick of hearin that. :D

Lalalalala... What else is there ta blog about?

GEORGE EDWARD PUTONG! Get well soon... Miss you, Georgey!

I'm sitting next ta Juno Maia. HI JUNE! hehe...

Otei, this is all fer today... :)