:) *glares* Last night wus one of my happiest. :D Ionno, I guess it's coz my Baby and I did nothing but "make kulitan"... I wus actually mimicking this girl's name...and he was laughing like I never heard him laugh before. He was actually honest wit me, telling me kung kanino xa nagseselos and all. Mmm... last night, he showed me how much I really mattered to him. I LOVE MY BABY TALAGA.

At speech class today, we were supposed to go and tell your dreams and the things you want accomplished right in front of everybody. What I said wus that, I would like to help Andrew build an orphanage...when we end up wit each other (and that I have been praying for every single day of my life.) *teehee*

I visited the church this morning, thanking God for answering my prayers.

Oh, we edited our MTV yesterday and I had no idea it was so much fun. It really felt good doing things yourself. And to think of how hard we did it, and seeing the result... WHOO! It was worth it. It might not be that good, but I'm really proud of our work. Howie's like, 'I wanna see it! ' AAH! Critics! hehe... :D

This course is hell a lot of fun.

Eya, alam mo ba, ASAWA narin tawag ko kay Andrew? hehe! :D

Anyways...I better keep goin. There's this assignment I hafta type, and I haven't done it yet! hehe.

I LOVE YOU ANDREW!!! ;p ;p ;p Thanks for keepin me company when I was so freakin tired. And for not gettin fed up of telling me that I'm the one you love...means a lot, Baby. MWAH!