...By going to church! Naw, I'm not trying to be a saint or anything...just simply...starting the day right! :D I wasn't really praying-praying, I was there sitting and looking at the statues and I was...communicating wit God like he was right there beside me, of course I wasn't talking out loud or anything. Then this song played in my head...and I was singing a part of it, and I could fully relate to it..."...Come to me all of you who are tired of carrying heavy loads..."

And that's exactly what I did. I wasn't just running to God for help or anything, I went there for reasons to thank him, and to ask him for help. When I was at my lowest moments, I would cry and I would simply close my eyes, hug my pillow and imagine I was hugging God. And it made me even weaker. Not in that sense though. It's like I was hugging him, and he was there to take my sadness away. In that way I surrendered myself. Feeling strong and weak at the same time. And then whenever I calm down I just lay in bed and I imagine talking to him in a hilltop. He's dressed in white, and his long hair falling on his shoulders, and there's this white light around him making him look so fresh, and I could cry just thinking of sitting wit him. Talking like he was my best guy friend or something.

Well he is.

Thank you, God...for everything.

Oh, and Ja..if you ever get ta read this, I'm hoping na maayos na 'yan before your anniv. I know you can handle it. Kaw pa! ;p Galing ka naman jan eh...Yakang yaka mo na yan. You're definitely one of the guys who knows how to make a girl's knee weak. Haha! Good luck, kaka bo! kwentuhan mo'ko huh! :D

For some reason, I feel down today. Darn it. I hope the day doesn't end like this...