Mmm...I wasn't feeling well last night, and I bet y'all know, so as my Hubby...But he's been feelin quite a lot better than me...So, yesterday he's been takin gooood care of me... :D

We were havin lunch at Greenwich yesterday and they gave us a survey form, we had to write our name down. He wrote : Mr. and Mrs. Bautista :D khh khh...

Then we were all mushy mushy last nyt...*kilig* :D

Baby, you might think that I'm not taking whatever you're telling me seriously, but I do. I do. :D And I'm thankful because you've been really showy of how you feel for me. Thanks for all the hugs and the back rubs, the kisses, the nose pinching... :D for keeping me warm...and for telling me that you're happy being wit me, and you do think na wala nang tatalo sa happiness na nararamdaman mo...cus we're together. I couldn't ask for anything else.

This is it.This has to be it.

I've never felt as strong...and as weak...thinking about spending the reeeessst of my life. With you.

I'm so proud of you, I'm so proud of us. Of the couple we could turn out to be. On how we both could grow together. Grow strong as a couple, and stronger individuals as well. On how much we can learn from each other. You changed me. For the better. I am now someone I didn't think I could become.

People could think of us as whatever. Some may say that we won't last. But hey, that's what THEY think. What matters is US. YOU AND ME. We're in this together, Baby. :D


Otei, Gots ta go, got an exam at 12. (it's speech, no biggie! haha! kapal...)

Baby, I'm lookin forward ta Saturday. MWAH!