You know how plays go, whenever they put the curtains up you hafta put this happy face, even when you feel like you have the whole world in your shoulders? Because you're supposed to carry out the world like you're supposed to, because in that way you can reach out to the audience.

I guess I don't hafta explain any further. You go figure out what I'm tryna say.

Behind the just have no idea.

To top it all off, I am okay. Why shouldn't I be, right? But there are just so many things that actually affect me big time. But, I have my friends, I have Andrew...I have God to count on.


But that's just how things are sometimes. Life can really kick you in the ass. What to do about it? You can wallow about it for as long as you want to, or you can simply learn how to forget about it. They happen for a reason. Easier said know, thinking about it.

Advice : You can choose to run away from the curtain call once in a while. It helps.