I actually feel so lucky to have found someone who I believe I perfectly belong to. It's like when everything just falls into place.

Gawd it just really is hard to explain. But I feel it. I really do! Now I understand how my Baby feels like when he says "Baby, ang hirap tlga i-explain..." and he's always telling me that feelings just can't be explained. That's why they are simply FELT. :D Thankfully, Baby has learned how to express himself. Gawd, it's like... nakakalaglag. OHMYGAWD. :D *kilig*... :) I get that spine tingling feeling...that feeling when your heart just keeps beating faster...when you get the hair at the back of your nape standing up. And he's the only one who's ever made me feel this way.

He's just been so patient wit me. Hey I know, it's only 6 months to most of you, but like I've always been saying, those weren't easy. We had to do so much adjustments. We had to work on our relationship... And finally, we've learned how to balance it. Wit our busy schedule and all that.

"SAKTO LANG." Hehe. That's how we are. WHOO! :D

Anyways, we'll be going to Baguio in a few hours. Y'know what excites me? The fact that the last time I've been there was when I was 3 years old! It's near Pangasinan, AND...the famous UKAY UKAY! HAHA! :D

Okay, gots ta go.

Andrew Kay Colimbo Bautista... I will marry you... When the right time comes... I will... Just... STAY wit me, Baby. WE CAN MAKE IT. :D

One day, we'll be looking back at all the trials we've been through. I really do have faith in us, Baby.

I'm scared of graduating. :( I don't wanna leave my Baby... *sniff*... anyways, enough of that.

Madami pang araw for us ta spend together.