They make these really great super low-rise jeans... you can't blame me if I can't get enough of it! :D

I'll be getting myself a pair tomorrow. :)

3 days ago was MR.CET. Hehe. It was a big day for my Baby. It was a big day for me,too. I had to be his P.A. in which I volunteered to be. No one else had to be. :D It was one heck of a day that I wouldn't forget. One of the "moments" is when he was in his formal attire and he was looking at me,I gave him a flying kiss and he kissed me back! haha. Minus the hands, of course. :D My Baby won Best in Formal Attire and Model's Pick. :) After the pageant I ran ta him backstage and gave him a big hug. :D And of course, it feels good ta actually be there backstage ta dress him up, fix his hair, and we even manage ta give each other a kiss before he goes onstage! :D :D :D It feels good ta pick up after him. hehe. After the pageant, we both decided not ta go back to the dorm since it was 9P.M., we ate dinner at Arroz...his hands were on my waist, and he just kept pulling me closer ta him,and he kept thanking me. That night, he was nothing but extra sweet ta me. He forced ta sit beside me at Arroz even if we both couldn't fit on my side of the table, and he just kept giving me a peck on the cheek. Then he'd just keep saying " alam mo, mahal kita!" over and over...*kilig*... :) And then we crashed at Ed's, before we hit the sack we sat on the parking space and we stargazed. We were looking for our very own constellation. I found one that was sorta like a diamond when you connect them, and when I pointed it out to him I said, "do you know that 'diamonds last forever?' " Then he said, "Talaga? Sige, yan na lang ung constellation natin! :) " ... Aww... Because just like us, we both would want our love ta be like a diamond. Something that lasts forever.

And nothing beats just seeing the person you love next to you first thing in the morning.

...I just finished watching SATC, and one of the many things I just SO love about this show,is it's script, and I am definitely getting all 6 seasons on DVD. I just love how the story turns out, all the twists, and Carrie's quandaries...

and then we switched ta OUT, which had a segment on Cosmopolitan's bachelor bash. Shit, Brent Javier is one HOT...HOT guy. If I was there, I'd melt. No doubt. I could've probably gotten on stage and grabbed him! OOOOFF! ;p

Abbie, behave.

Oh, and before I forget, Baby... BELATED HAPPY MONTHSARY! :D

We all were reminiscing on how things were before we got together... and I remember all of them clearly like they just happened yesterday! All the things we went through, good and bad...

It just really feels good ta have someone like him who didn't easily give up on me. And who won't give up on me. He always told me that we should do whatever it takes...we should do everything we could to make this last.

Mmm...God will help us.

I love you so much, Baby!