It's really funny...and disappointing in a way. I can't believe it. We had our very first fight. After more than 7n months of being together. Haha! .. umm..

I find it funny because it's actually his first time to show me this typa emotion... When he showed me that he was hurt... and that he couldn't sleep or something because of that filthy letter that I gave him that had almost all my sentiments. And I admit I have said some harsh words that I didn't mean. But before he explained me his side, I already gave the letter.

There you have your very first fight.

And for that, I give myself a...Ionno. I'll just hit mah head on the wall.

But really, it felt kinda good in a way, because I do affect my Baby pala.

Baby, I'll make it up to you. I really din't mean any of those.

You know that I love you so much... I LOVE YOU!!!!

And I'm sorry.

*sigh*... This guy... like all of us, he has his imperfections. He is not the perfect boyfriend. Neither am I the perfect girlfriend. But that makes us perfect for each other. He might not live up to my expectations as a boyfriend...but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve me. I deserve nobody else but this guy. Regardless of the things he can't do. Or the things that I want him to do. I am in no right to change the way he is...and I just feel bad that I treated him this way. Please forgive me, Baby...